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So youve just purchased gran turismo 5 for your ps3 and your wondering whether to purchase the more expensive logitech driving force gt pro with its space eating peddles and table mounted set-up which comes in at around 79.99gbp and isnt wireless,or go for the more economical space and kid friendly option of the wireless logitech steering without the headache of requiring a specially made frame or table that is solid.

Well your prayers have ben answered,because for a fraction of the cost and for as cheap as 39.99gbp on ebay you can purchase the LOGITECH DRIVING FORCE PS3 PS2 WIRELESS,which while lacking full 900 degree movement(which isnt essential to experience gt5s steering in simulation mode nor do really need this turning circle with the majority of gt5s cars)still provides the feel and force feedback of  its more expensive big brother(the gt pro) at a fraction of the cost allowing you to play gt5 comfortably in bed and also keep a smile on the girlfriend/wifes face as theres no wires for kids to trip over and the setup is tidy and compact with only a small ac adaptor to connect to the mains.

After initially reading product reviews on amazon and opting for this wheel over the gt pro i was expecting to be quite underwhelmed,half expecting the build quality not to be that good due to the price,and because this wheel sits on the your lap for there to be to much play or movement while cornering,even so the wireless option made sense as i have a child and generally like the flexibility of playing gt5 both upstairs in bed and in my lounge quickly and easily and didnt want to break the bank.Much to my surprise my expectations were more then exceeded as the logitech wireless is not only very well made and solid with excellent force feedback it also sits in your lap very comfortably with minimal movement and because the throttle and brake paddles are pressure sensitive and mounted at the rear of the wheel like the up and down gear shifts on the gt pro,with the gear changes being executed at the front of the wheel via the r1 and r2 buttons which are perfectly situated at thumb rest level either side of the wheel everthings to hand and very comfortable for extended play.

Being a hardcore gamer and someone that generally always uses a pad i dont generally by car games as i find them to simplistic generally,always prefering geoff crammonds simulation based racers on the pc and one of my all time favourites yu suzukis opus ferrai f355 challenge in the arcade and on the dreamcast,so i wanted a wheel that would still provide the feel of the real thing and the feedback of a good wheel in a arcade cabinet.Because gt5 supports logitech wheels and is designed to be used with these wheels configeration is automatic and the PS button and face buttons mounted on the lower part of the centre of the wheel allows movement around the ps3s OS system and the various menus of gt5 without the use of a standard controller and the various steering settings from beginner to simulation mode can be adjusted easily within gt5s menu interface.

The LOGITECH DRIVING FORCE PS3 PS2 WIRELESS STEERING WHEEL doesnt dissapoint and is well thought out and engineered and you cant go wrong for the price although the release of gt5 has in the last week seen the price of these inflate.If you can pick one of these up for 39.99gbp youve grabbed yourself a bargain as the build quality alone and fantastic response and feel of this wheel makes less then 40 pounds a steal.

In conclusion the thinkings mans wheel for the price savvy and those that dont wont to look like a wally after a month or two when the novelty wears off and this wheel is confined to the cupboard,plus like a martini it can be taken any place anywhere and can be used easily sitting up or in a more reclined position in bed without the headache of loose wires and the lounge being moved around to accommadate a table mounted wheel. .

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