LOOK !! !! You are not always protected with pay pal.

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I would just like to warn other genuine e,bayers out there...that pay pal also has small print you must read.and that pay pal insurance of upto 500 pounds certanly dosn't protect you..the seller.

Let me tell you what happened to me,I sold some motobike clothes,Jacket,trouses ect..The buyer paid for the clothes via paypal I transfered the money to my bank and sent the clothes recorded delivery to the buyer.The buyer thanked me and left feedback. 1 month later i noticed my bank had been debited for the amount I transfered.So I rang pay pal and asked why it had been taken and reversed back to the buyer,I was told the transaction was fraudulant,I asked what the fraud was and they would not explain,they just suggested I ring the buyer and get him to send back my goods..I tried on several occasions to contact the buyer who refused to acknowledge my e.mail and then the buyers account was closed.Pay pal refered me to e.bay who said it was not there problem but i should take this up with pay pal whos only suggestion was to let the police know.

I never was compensated and the buyer had both the money back and my goods.

I am livid that as an honest e.bayer the person who does the injustice gets away with it and I sufferd. the loss of both the goods and the cash.




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