Lace Trim Buying Guide

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Lace Trim Buying Guide

Lace is a fabric that offers a luxurious look and feel. It is used as a decorative piece for many garments, especially for those worn by women. Lace is commonly made of cotton or silk, and it is known for its fine, delicate appearance. The thread is knitted, looped, or twisted in various patterns in order to create lace. "Trim" is a term used for a type of decoration that is usually attached along the edges of a garment, and it is typically in a contrasting material or colour. Accordingly, lace trim is a strip of lace that can be sewn onto clothes, such as dresses, skirts, and blouses, or onto home textiles, such as pillow cases, curtains, tablecloths, and napkins. Lace trim is also a common feature in wedding decorations.

Lace trim has many applications, and is produced from many different materials. It comes in many types, and all of this should be considered when purchasing lace trim. Lace trim is available from high street crafts shops, but a wider selection may be found on online auction sites, such as eBay.

Lace Trim Materials

The most common materials for lace trim are cotton and organza, although transparent fabrics, such as chiffon, are also used. The most luxurious lace trims, however, are made of lustrous silk.

Cotton Lace Trim

Cotton is a natural fibre that is known for its softness. Cotton lace trim designs are generally regarded as conservative and modest, and they are perfect for use as decorations on pillowcases and duvet covers. Cotton feels gentle against the skin and does not cause any allergies. White cotton garments can be restored with chlorine bleach if they fade. Cotton is machine washable and can withstand high temperatures during washing and ironing, so it is a desirable fabric for bedding.

Silk Lace Trim

Silk is a very strong natural fibre that is known for its lustre. Silk lace trims are available in many colours,  as silk has high absorbency and can thus be dyed in deep colours. Silk may be washed by machine or by hand, or it can be taken to the dry cleaner's, depending on its treatment. Lace trims made of silk are elegant and luxurious, and are therefore commonly found on evening and wedding dresses.

Chiffon Lace Trim

Chiffon may be either natural or synthetic, depending upon the fibre that has been used. Generally, chiffon is made of either natural silk or synthetic nylon. Chiffon is transparent and light, and therefore lace trim made of chiffon is sheer and has an airy feel. Chiffon lace trim is an ideal choice for sewing a princess dress for a little girl.

Organza Lace Trim

Like chiffon, organza can also be either synthetic or natural in terms of material constitution. It can be made of synthetic yarn or of silk. Organza is a stiff, thin fabric that is known for its transparency. Therefore, organza lace trims are often used in order to make garments appear fluffier.

Lace Trim Types

Lace trim is categorised into types by the way it looks. The designs can be either quite narrow or very wide, and different designs are used for different applications. The types include scalloped, edge, galloon, Venetian, ruffled, pleated, eyelet, wired, and 3D lace trim.

Scalloped Lace Trim

One side of a piece of scalloped lace trim is shaped more dramatically than the other. Because of this distinctive look, this lace trim makes a statement. It is a perfect choice to attach to the lower edges of curtains.

Edge Lace Trim

With edge lace trim, the lace has at least one straight edge. The other edge may also be straight, or it may have a particular shape. The edge lace trim is attached to a garment by the straight edge, and the other edge hangs down as a decoration. This type of lace is probably the most conservative and neutral.

Galloon Lace Trim

Neither of the edges on a piece of galloon lace trim are straight. Instead, they are scalloped. The resulting dramatic effect can be strong or mild, and galloon lace can be used for an array of applications, from clothing to upholstery.

Venetian Lace Trim

Venetian lace trim has a delicate appearance, as it looks as if it has been crocheted. As a result, it is a simple way to add crocheted-looking edges to garments without having to crochet these laces by hand. Typical colors for Venetian lace trim include white, beige, and black. Venetian lace trim adds a touch of elegance because of its subtle appearance.

Ruffled Lace Trim

Ruffled lace trim features a series of ruffles, ornamental goffered, or gathered frills. Ruffled lace trims often combine several materials and different colours in their design. The typical ruffled lace trim has one straight edge. It is attached to garments by applying stitches on that edge.

Pleated Lace Trim

Pleated lace trim is somewhat similar to ruffled lace trim, because in both cases, fabric is gathered together. However, pleated lace trim contains pleats rather than frills. Pleats are double or multiple folds, which are created in the garment and held together by stitchings at the top or at the side.

Eyelet Lace Trim

Eyelet lace trim looks the least as if it has been crocheted. It features a cloth, typically cotton, that has small round holes, or eyelets, in it. These holes all feature ornamental stitching around their edges. Commonly, eyelet lace trim is white, and it typically conveys a delicate, crisp impression.

Wired Lace Trim

Wired lace trim has wire reinforcements attached to its edges and sometimes also in the middle. These wires help the lace trim to retain its shape.

Beaded Lace Trim

Beads are sometimes used in order to decorate lace trim. The beads can be applied all over the width of the lace trim, or only on the lower edge, where they are used as piping. Occasional beads can add some glitter and glamour to lace trim, and they can also be used in order to create patterns, such as flowers and hearts.

3D Lace Trim

3D lace trim is, as the name implies, three-dimensional, meaning that the trim is not just a flat strip of fabric, but features embossed elements. Probably the most popular designs for 3D lace trim are flowers, especially roses. These are widely used for wedding dresses and wedding decorations. The elements on the 3D lace trim may be rather small or may be quite prominent. The larger the elements, the more eye-catching the trim is likely to be.

Buying Lace Trim on eBay

If you are searching for lace trim on eBay, you can start off by typing "lace trim" into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. After you receive the initial search results, you may narrow them down by sorting them by price or auction time. You can also click on related searches if they seem close to the trim you are looking for. There are thousands of results for lace trim, so you may specify your keywords at the outset of your search by adding the colour, type, or material. You can also try to search for the lace trim you need by width or quantity.

Sometimes lace trim is also sold in small pieces, especially when these pieces are leftovers from sewing projects. These offcuts are bundled together and are usually a bargain, although the exact contents of the bag may be a surprise, as it may not always be possible to describe all the little pieces in the item listing. In this case, check the photos in the listing and ask the seller about the contents of the bag if you are after a particular piece of lace trim. You can also enquire about payment methods, delivery, postage, and packaging.


Lace trim is a strip of fine fabric that is looped, twisted, or knitted in patterns. It is commonly used for decorative purposes because of its luxurious and elegant look. Lace trim is used to decorate clothes, such as dresses and skirts, and is often applied to home textiles including pillowcases and duvet covers. Wedding decorations also use lace trim.

Cotton lace trim conveys conservative and subtle elegance and, because it is machine washable,  it is suitable for bedding and other home textiles that have to be washed often. Silk lace trims are lustrous and luxurious. As silk is an expensive fabric, silk lace trims are generally reserved for evening wear and wedding dresses. Sheer chiffon and organza can be either synthetic or natural, and have a variety of applications.

Types of lace trim are organised by their design. Scalloped lace trim typically features one dramatic side, while galloon lace trim typically has dramatic designs on both sides. Edge lace trim comes with at least one straight edge. Venetian lace emulates the look of crocheted work, and conveys a subtle look. Both ruffled and pleated lace trims consist of gathered fabric. Eyelet lace trim, commonly made of cotton, features small round holes with ornamental stitching around their edges and is both crisp and delicate. Wired lace trim is supported by wire edges, while beaded lace trim is decorated with bead designs. Lace trim does not necessarily have to be flat. 3D versions, commonly in the shape of roses, also exist.

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