Lack of Feedback

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I am a great believer in the feedback system and rely and trust on the comments previously left by others to guide me in my transactions with sellers and buyers. As a seller I request my buyers to confirm receipt of their item by leaving some feedback. This way I know that the item is not lost in transit. I ALWAYS leave feedback as soon as the buyer has paid even before posting their item. If I have had no return feedback in 14 days I email the buyer to confirm they have in fact received the item and kindly request confirmation of receipt by leaving some feedback. This normally generates confirmation and some return feedback in 75% of requests. Increasingly I am finding there are some buyers and a few sellers who just cannot be bothered to leave any feedback at all BUT they are happy to accept your feedback thus increasing their own ratings but ignoring yours. I think these people are being very greedy in accepting and downright mean in refusing to reciprocate with any return feedback. I personnaly have experienced refusal on at least 15-20 transactions despite having left some feedback for them. Definately not in the ebay spirit! SUGGESTION. Would it be possible to set a time limit on leaving return feedback when some has alredy been left for you. Within 45-60 days would seem a fair period. FAILURE to leave any return feedback without a valid reason in that period would cause the LOSS of the feedback score they earnt from the transaction. Obviously disputes, lost items etc. would have to be an exception the time limit. I believe the possibility of losing your score because you refuse to leave any return feedback would motivate those buyers and sellers who cannot be bothered, to start leaving feedback and make the ebay experience a much fairer and rewarding one.


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