Lancaster City Ticket Buying Guide

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Lancaster City Ticket Buying Guide

Lancaster, home to a significant number of students owing to it being a university city, has been around since 80 AD, at that point, serving as a Roman front. Now, it serves as a healthy mix of the old and new, with ancient and modern architecture standing side-by-side. Football plays an important part in local culture, given that the Lancaster City Football Club has been in existence for over a century now. As a result, people looking for Lancaster City Football match tickets comes as no surprise.

While a majority of Lancaster City fans tend to look for tickets for home games played at the Giant Axe, a number of them also look for tickets for this club's away matches, be it a match with Salford City, Garforth Town, Goole AFC, or any other team. Buyers looking for tickets to Lancaster City FC matches should take into account that different venues are known to price tickets differently; besides, events at the same venue can also come with varied pricing patterns. New fans should ideally start by learning about the club's history, and acquiring some knowledge about the stadium helps to acquire suitable match day seating.

When it comes to looking for Lancaster City tickets, while getting them directly from the venues in question is always an option, a website like eBay can serve as a single point of reference for all kinds of match tickets.

A Brief History of Lancaster City FC

It appears that organised football has been played in this region since the 1880s, with Lancaster players being part of the Skerton FC during the 1897-1898 and 1898-1899 seasons, and the Lancaster Athletic FC from 1905 to 1910. Lancaster Athletic FC was dissolved in March 1911, and the present day Lancaster City FC, originally called Lancaster Town FC, came into being as an outcome of meetings spaced in between May and July 1911, only after the Lancashire Football Association verified that the new organisation had no links with the recently expunged Lancaster Athletic FC.

Lancaster Town FC did not take long to move from the Lancashire Combination Division II to the First Division, where it moved in 1915. After the First World War, when competitive football got back on track after a long break, Lancaster Town FC came in second in the 1919-1920 season, and came fifth in the season that followed; however, at this point, they were denied admission to the recently formed Third Division North. By the 1930s, the club started receiving a fair amount of attention, and crowds at their matches started rivalling those of various league clubs. In 1937, following the Royal City Charter, the club was rechristened as Lancaster City FC.

Lancaster City FC has won the Northern Premier League Division One in the 1995-1996 season, were winners of the Northern Premier League Challenge Cup in the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons, and won the 1995-1996 Northern Premier League Division One League Challenge Cup.

The Giant Axe

The Giant Axe stadium serves as the home stadium to all home matches that Lancaster City FC plays. The very space in which the Giant Axe is located has been used since the 1860s, when this area was little more than well kept playing fields. The Giant Axe stadium came into being in 1919, and in its early years, was also home to other sports, like cricket, hockey, rugby, and tennis.

The stadium has witnessed various changes since it first came into being, with the last significant changes coming in 1976, when a fire was responsible for gutting two grandstands, and the clubhouse was left charred after an arson attack in a separate incident. The existing Main Stand is located at the spot where the previously burnt grandstands stood, and the stadium now carries a fairly modern outlook, with fortified retaining walls aimed to thwart any attempts at vandalism. The changing rooms in the wooden pavilion remain the ground's oldest remaining part.

The stadium has also seen renovations made throughout the 1990s. The Main Stand that served as a standing terrace is now a seating stand, called the John Bagguley Stand, and can seat over 500 people. The Long Side, an open terrace, comprises of the hospitality boxes, dugouts, supporters' bar, and the club shop, and marks the other end of the ground. An open terrace, called the Club End Terrace, was built at the ground's southern end, increasing its capacity to the existing 3,500. The Shed End, a covered terrace area, is an area that has witnessed renovations in recent years.

The Dolly Blue Tavern, the club's former social club, can be found right outside the ground, next to the stadium's main car park. People who wish to take their dogs along to football matches at the Giant Axe should know that this stadium prohibits the entry of dogs.

Lancaster City FC Football Matches

The Lancaster City Football Club is the region's highest ranked non-league club that participates in the Northern Premier League, with home matches being played either on Tuesdays or Saturdays. The club is located within the Giant Axe football ground, a ground that can accommodate 3,500 people, out of which more than 500 can sit in the John Bagguley Stand.

Ticket Prices at the Giant Axe

Matchday ticket prices for the 2012-2013 season are priced around six to eight pounds for adults, concessional tickets are priced at four to six pounds, children under 16 years are required to pay around one pound, and those under 12, when accompanied by an adult, are allowed free entry. Full-time students are allowed to buy concessionary tickets, and members of the armed forces are granted free entry.

Season tickets for the 2012-2013 season are priced at around 130 pounds for adults, and around 90 pounds for those who qualify for concession season tickets.

Away Travel

Just like any other club in the league, Lancaster City FC has its share of away matches to play, and this gives fans the ability to travel and support their team. What this requires, though, is making travel arrangements as well as buying tickets to chosen matches. While fans are free to travel on their own by train, bus, or any other way they like, Lancaster City FC gives fans the ability to travel as a group, which is done through coach travel. Seats are made available on a first come, first served basis, and the cost for these trips hover around the 10 pound mark.

Lancaster City FC Fixtures

With the end of one season, fans have to await the fixtures list for the upcoming season. Results for some past fixtures are indicated in the table below.




Wakefield, away



New Mills, home



Clitheroe, away



Ossett Town, away



With the ongoing season nearing a close, Lancaster City FC fans are already found looking forward to buying tickets for the next season; however, as with every season, these tickets go on sale only a few weeks before scheduled matches.                                 

Buying Lancaster City Tickets on eBay

eBay users can expect to find a variety of event tickets using this platform, comprising of tickets to sports events, theatre productions, concerts, festivals, museums, theme parks, and more. These include tickets to Lancaster City FC football matches. Looking for tickets to these matches using eBay is quite easy because of the user-friendly search option that is presented on every eBay page. All users are required to do is type in the match that they wish to attend in the search box, and click on search. For example, when looking for a football match ticket for a Lancaster City FC game, typing "Lancaster City FC football match ticket" should yield suitable results. In addition, buyers can also choose to use eBay's extensive and ever-evolving menu system.

eBay buyers should take into account that different eBay sellers charge different postage and packaging costs, and even with something as lightweight as tickets, these costs can vary substantially. Buyers should be aware that some sellers offer free shipping, and some give buyers the option of picking up their purchased tickets in person.


Deeply rooted in history from the time when the Roman Empire flourished to the time when the slave trade was at its peak, modern day Lancaster manages to attract many visitors, and given its football history, local fans have much to cheer about every season. With the Lancaster City Football Club garnering more than enough support through locals, the matches held at the Giant Axe football ground are rather fun to attend and the atmosphere at some of these matches can get quite exhilarating. The ability to travel to away games is something that adds to the fun, which is something many Lancaster City FC fans look forward to.

With its cultural scene well in place, Lancaster boasts of a number of museums, theatres, and other attractions that cater to locals and tourists alike, giving them much to do in between match days. All in all, when in Lancaster, there is definitely much to look forward to in addition to the usually thrilling Lancaster City FC football matches, and event tickets in this part of the world are not very difficult to find.

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