Land Rover Series 2A Buying Guide

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Land Rover Series 2A Buying Guide

Before buying a Land Rover Series 2A, consider its background and know the differences between it and similar vehicles from the same manufacturer. It also helps to research the vehicle's safety ratings and learn about the United Kingdom's regulations for classic cars.


Land Rover Series 2A Background

The Land Rover Series 2A is an off-road vehicle produced from 1958 to 1961, making it a vintage vehicle. This vehicle was inspired by an American army vehicle, and therefore has a rugged, square look very unlike today's standard vehicles. The vehicle's manufacturer claims that at least half of all Land Rover Series vehicles are still in use, despite being decades old. The vehicle's sturdiness and reputation for longevity increases its value among collectors.


Differences Between the Land Rover Series 2 and Land Rover 2A

The Land Rover 2 and Land Rover Series 2A have subtle differences, making them indistinguishable to the layperson at first glance. The largest change is the engine; the Land Rover 2 uses a 2.25 litre petrol engine, whereas the Land Rover 2A uses a diesel engine of the same size. Later in its production, the manufacturer introduced a larger petrol engine. There are also minor cosmetic changes, including shallowing sill panels and headlamp placement.


Differences Between the Land Rover Series 2A and Land Rover 2A FC

The Land Rover 2A and Land Rover 2A FC are not as easily confused when placed side-by-side, although their names are quite similar. The latter vehicle was released in the early 1960s and features far more load space thanks to clever engine placement. They can carry up to 1,500 kg and have large, deep dish tyres to achieve this. Fewer than 2,500 Land Rover 2A FCs were made. Today, many of the remaining vehicles have custom bodywork or are converted to motorhomes.


Land Rover Series 2A Safety

Before buying a classic car, buyers should beware of the vehicle's safety ratings and issues. According to the UK Department of Transport, the Land Rover Defender, a later series of vehicle from the same manufacturer, is one of the safest vehicles to drive. The department measured chance of death in two-car accidents. Compared to other vehicles on the road, the Land Rover Series had a much lower chance of death. The study also concluded the other large vehicles, such as the Land Rover Series 2A, are safer to drive at the expense of smaller vehicles.


United Kingdom Classic Car Regulations

The United Kingdom has special regulations and taxes for classic cars. For example, vehicles made before January 1, 1973 are exempt from paying an annual road tax. A Land Rover Series 2A can be defined as a classic car by U.K. standards if it is valued at more than £15,000, and of course, older than 15 years.

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