Lapan Enam? Fake website selling PS3's?

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Has anybody bought of a company called Lapan Enam?

I have recently been looking at buying a PS3 on ebay and noticed when I got to the bottom of the page there are sponsered links by One of these links is a compnay called Lapan Enam stating they have PS3's for sale at £170.00 buy it now. I went on the website to then find they also sell other items ie xbox 360 for £108.00 and Apple Ipods and phones for dirt cheap as well. The website looks very cheap and the company was based in Singapore.

I have not yet bought any items for the website and never will but I think it is a scam and ebay users need to be made aware of this. The site lets you open an account and then explains that it is free shipping too! So let's get this right a PS3 for £170.00 buy it now with free shipping, I don't think so!

Can anybody tell me if they have come across this site whilst searching for PS3's? I think ebay need to get the site removed of it's sponsered links as it is possibly a scam.

Just to mention once you click on the link the website name is

Please let me know what you think.



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