Laptop Processors Guide

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Popular laptop processors:

Pentium M: Battery efficient but relatively fast, with speeds up to 2.1GHz. Part of Intel's Centrino technology with built in wireless Wi-Fi. Found in laptops including the IBM ThinkPad, Toshiba and Dell Inspiron.

Celeron M: Budget predecessor to Pentium M, with speeds up to 1.5GHz and low battery usage. Ideal if you just want your laptop for email, internet access and word processing. Found in laptops including the Fujitsu-Siemens and Compaq.

Celeron: Intel’s lowest price processor with speeds up to 2.5GHz. More battery draining than Celeron M. Found in popular affordable laptops including Dell Latitude and Toshiba Satellite.

Pentium 4: Designed for desktops but good for laptop owners who love multimedia. Speeds up to 3.33GHz mean they get hot and drain the battery. Best for desktop replacements that you intend to leave plugged in.Mobile AMD Athlon 64: Comparable to Pentium M fast, wireless compatible and good for battery life. Found in Compaq Presario and Acer Ferrari series.

AMD Athlon 64: Fast and popular among computer gamers; usually found in desktop replacements. Drains the battery. Also found in Compaq Presario and Acer Ferrari series.

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