Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Improve Gaming

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Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Improve Gaming

Gamers often spend quite a bit of money on laptops and desktops,, investing in large screens, high-powered processors, advanced graphics cards, and substantial amounts of RAM to ensure excellent computer performance. However, equally important to the computer set-up are the accessories. The right combination of accessories augments the gaming experience. Gaming set-ups are highly customised and personal; they depend on the type of games played and individual preferences. Therefore it is important to note that no two arrangements are exactly the same. In any case, there are some common types of accessories gamers can choose to improve their gaming.

Gaming mice and keyboards are essential, and there are many models available. A gaming system needs good quality sound, so a headset or set of speakers are necessary. A USB hub provides more ports when necessary, allowing the gamer to connect a variety of devices. Finally, depending on the type of gaming done, users may need a joystick or other peripherals. A great place to buy all of these accessories is the online retailer eBay,, which has great deals on a range of computers, tablets, and networking equipment.

Gaming Mice for Laptops and Desktops

Gaming mice are different from ordinary computer mice. They frequently have stylish, even futuristic designs. More importantly, they do much more than an ordinary computer mouse that has just two buttons. Key considerations include whether the mouse is wired or wireless, its resolution, and its extra features.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Mice

One of the most important decisions in choosing a mouse is whether to use a wired or wireless model. Wired mice are traditional, but they have a limited reach and add to a potential tangle of cables. Many gamers do prefer wired mice because there is no lag in movement. Wireless mice reduce clutter in a space, but they have drawbacks. For example, they can run low on power at an inopportune moment, leaving the gamer scrambling to connect to a power source.

Although wireless technology has improved considerably and continues to advance, there is still the potential for lag, which can result in a lost game if the player can not respond quickly enough. However, this is virtually unnoticeable in high-end models. Some models of gaming mice have the flexibility of connecting to a USB cable when necessary, allowing them to function both as a wired or wireless mouse as the situation requires. The USB cable also serves as the charging mechanism, eliminating the need for batteries.

Mouse Resolution

The resolution, or sensitivity, is a major consideration because it affects how much the mouse must move to direct the cursor. The resolution is usually given in dots per inch (dpi). A mouse with a higher dpi requires much less movement to cover the same distance on the screen as a mouse with a lower dpi. In gaming terms, this means that a higher dpi is typically good for close combat, but a lower dpi is better for first-person shooter (FPS) games where precision in aiming is needed. Some mice may be equipped with adjustable sensitivity to adapt to the situation. Some of the most sensitive mice have a maximum resolution of 6400.. A relatively low dpi of 1200 is still suitable for gaming.

Additional Features of Gaming Mice

Most gaming mice are equipped with programmable buttons that can manage a variety of special functions. Handedness is also a concern; most gaming mice are designed exclusively for right-handers or are ambidextrous, but a few models are dedicated to left-handers.. If choosing a wired mouse, look for a braided cable, which is more durable than a traditional cable. Also pay attention to the lift-off distance, which refers to how far from the surface the mouse can rise and still work. A lower lift-off distance means the cursor is less likely to be disturbed by lifting and repositioning the mouse on the mouse mat.

Ultimately, the right gaming mouse depends largely on the type of games played and even player styles. Gamers who prefer role playing games (RPGs) or massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) can benefit from a gaming mouse with many programmable buttons to control numerous functions; those who prefer FPS games should look for a mouse that has an adjustable resolution.

Gaming Keyboards for Laptops and Desktops

Gaming keyboards offer enhanced capabilities, beyond those of ordinary consumer keyboards. While buyers cannot actually exchange a laptop's keyboard, it is easy to connect an external device via a USB port. Keyboards that have a ps/2 port can still connect via USB with an appropriate adapter..

Keyboard Performance

Keyboards are limited in the number of keystrokes that they can support at one time and may drop a key here or there when data is input quite rapidly. Average keyboards are frequently limited to three simultaneous keystrokes; most gaming keyboards support a minimum of five. Another feature to look for is the keyboard's polling rate, which is the frequency at which it reports data to the computer. Standard keyboards often have a polling rate of 125 Hz. For gaming, a frequency of 500 Hz or 1000 Hz is preferable.

Programmable Keyboard Buttons

Most gaming keyboards are equipped with at least a few programmable buttons, which are helpful when gamers rely on macro functions. Some models may have as many as 15 buttons; others may have only a few. Five is a good number to consider as a minimum, because some keyboards may support multiple profiles for additional personalisation as well. Gamers who enjoy MMOs or real-time strategy (RTS) games can benefit most from this feature. Placement of the keys is also important. They should be convenient to reach, without requiring the user to take his or her hand off the mouse.

Additional Features of Keyboards

Gaming keyboards come loaded with a variety of other features. One of the most important is backlighting,, which makes it easy to see where the keys are in a dim or dark room. Some models may have customisable backlighting, allowing the user to pick the colour and other features. Another factor to consider is whether the keyboard has USB ports, or stereo and microphone jacks to connect peripherals.

Gaming Headsets or Speakers for Laptops and Desktops

The sound is just as important as the visuals of a game. Of course, this is limited to the actual capabilities of the computer. Desktops can often be upgraded to high-definition multichannel sound cards; laptops can support an external sound controller to augment their onboard capabilities.

Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are essential for MMOs and any game with a remote multiplayer option. Encompassing both headphones and a microphone, they enable players to communicate with each other and minimise disruptions to others nearby. Gamers can choose from both wired and wireless headsets. Wired versions traditionally offer better performance and sound quality, but wireless technology has begun closing the gap in quality. Wireless headsets offer greater freedom of motion, which makes them more convenient.

Other factors to consider are whether the headset has onboard controls for volume, play, pause, or skip functions. Also, the range is important. This applies whether the headset is wired or wireless. Look for noise-reducing or noise-cancelling headsets for the best sound. Finally, the most intense gamers should look for surround sound headsets, either 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel.. The surround sound effect means that players can hear clearly where certain audio cues are originating from. This in turn allows them to hear whether an enemy in the game is approaching from the side or behind.

Gaming Speakers

Gaming speakers are not always the best investment. A good set with surround sound can carry a heavy price tag. However, when paired with an appropriate sound card, the audio can rival a home entertainment centre in terms of loudness. Surround sound speakers allow for the replication of directional sound effects, and there is no bulky headset to be worn. A speaker set also makes the computer a viable option for watching movies. For games that require communication with other players, gamers still need to purchase a separate microphone. However, a headset can also be used in conjunction with the speakers if only the microphone component is plugged in.

USB Hub for Laptops and Desktops

A USB hub is convenient because it allows gamers to connect a variety of devices. This includes external storage, such as flash drives or hard drives, printers, a keyboard and mouse, USB-enabled audio devices, media players, and smartphones. These devices can expand a computer's support from a single port to as many as 10.

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0

Although not strictly related to gaming, one key consideration when choosing a USB hub is whether it uses USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 technology. USB 3.0 is not as widely available as USB 2.0, but it does offer significantly faster data transfer speeds and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices. Data transfer speeds for USB 2.0 are capped at a theoretical maximum of 480 megabits per second (Mbps), whereas USB 3.0 can achieve a maximum data transfer speed of 5 gigabits per second (Gbps), where 1,000 megabits equals 1 gigabit. However, the data transfer speeds cannot be realised unless used in conjunction with other 3.0 devices. USB 3.0 is also lower in power consumption than its USB 2.0 counterpart.

Joysticks and Other Peripherals for Laptops and Desktops

Some games require a joystick,, steering wheel,, or other controls to enhance the realism of racing or flight simulators. These frequently interface with the computer via a USB port. These peripherals are largely dependent on the gamer and his or her preferred playing style. For example, racing wheels may provide feedback to create sensations, such as loss of traction. For joysticks, look for multiple controls built into the device, and left-handers may need to consider models with ambidextrous programming. A throttle is great for flight simulator games, especially when paired with a joystick and other equipment. However, verify that the device and the desired features are actually supported by the games played. This can often be confirmed with a quick search of the gaming accessory manufacturer's website.

How to Buy Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Improve Gaming on eBay

eBay is a great place to shop for electronics and computer equipment. This online marketplace is made up of a network of independent sellers that rely on a feedback system to establish their reputation. In addition to doing some research on the products themselves, take some time to learn about how feedback works and check the seller's feedback history, left by previous buyers.

Finding Gaming Accessories on eBay

To start looking for products, you need only enter a keyword in the search box on the home page,, or any other page on the site. You can be as general or specific as you want. Generic keywords such as "gaming mouse&" pull up a variety of results, while more specific keywords such as "Logitech gaming keyboard&" or "7.1 gaming headset&" pull up fewer, but more specific results. You can also filter the results by product category to find the most relevant listings, or use the filters to specify factors such as price range or condition.


A custom gaming computer can be expensive, but it does make the playing experience much better. A lot of attention goes into choosing the hardware specifications, such as the processor or video card, but the accessories are also important. Whether gamers have a laptop or a desktop, the accessories can complement the specification of the computer.

Gaming keyboards and mice are the most common accessories, and can handle the demands of most games. They can also be used for general computing. As sound is so important to gaming, look for a good set of speakers or a gaming headset. Surround sound is essential for certain games, letting players hear sound effects that tell them when enemies are approaching and from which side. A USB hub provides the ability to connect all of these accessories. Peripherals such as joysticks, steering wheels, and throttles further enhance the gaming experience. eBay is a great place to shop for all of these laptop or a desktop accessories that improve gaming.

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