Large cake storage box caddy 30cm

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Large round cake storage box caddy

Large round cake storage box caddy plastic container clear lid 30cm Diameter . will keep food fresh for up to 7 day's in a call place,
yes  I was like a lot of people , not sure, but I went ahead and bought the white one, when I got it, it looked ok,  the plastic a bit thin  the tray ok,  but it didn't  cost that much, £4.00  you only get what you pay for , and I was happy with what I got ,  I gave it a wash  and left it in the kitchen,  my wife loved it and wonted to try it out, so she went ahead and made a sandwich  put it on a plate and put it in the box,  left it for  5 days and went back , yes it was still moist  soft, we wore  vary surprized, I eat it and it was lovely, now we use it all the time, for  cake, rolls,  buns, sandwiches,  what ever we have left over, its a great thing, and yes I will buy anther one,  with a family one's  not enough ,  they have 4 clips  to keep the lid on   and a small handle to lift the lid of, great for its money, and it keeps bugs away.
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