Las Vegas for Beginners

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Tips for Las Vegas Virgins!

1: Book direct with the hotel you want to stay in on the web - the rates go up and down according to what is happening in town. On a fight night the rates shoot up, weekdays the rates are lower. Check the rates every so often before you go and re book if they go down. That was you can save hundreds!

2: Fly direct to Vegas. It will cost you more but changing at L.A. is a pain. If you go by Virgin then join their airmiles scheme as you're bound to go again and the miles add up pretty quickly.

3. Choose your hotel wisely. Why go all that way and have a bad hotel? You need to be on the strip and fairly central. You can't go wrong with Mandalay Bay, Paris, PH, Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn or Caesars Palace. If money is tight then look at Treasure Island, Luxor or Mirage. They are older but still ok. Avoid all the others unless you like lots of cab journeys.  

4. Take some loose dollars for tips, you will be expected to tip about four different people before you get your bags unpacked.

5. If you're gambling you get free drinks, even if you're playing poker. Tip the waitress a dollar each drink. Low limit poker 2/4 or 3/6 is the best game to get steaming drunk cheap.

6. When on the strip avoid anyone that tries to chat. They are usually timeshare sellers or trying to sell you a trip. If you want to go on a trip or see a show go through your hotel. Watch out for pickpockets and hookers after 1am. They prey on drunk tourists!

7. Join the players club at your hotel. If you're playing the slots or craps the points add up quickly. Check what you can get after a few days, you can probably have a few free buffets by then.

8. Must see in Vegas - Bellagio fountains, Wynn waterfall, Stratosphere view, MGM lions, Mirage Tigers, Treasure Island pirate ship battle, Mirage volcano, Monte Carlo pub (for a decent pint), Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon.

9. Gambling tips - Learn to play craps - it's the most fun game in the casino when the table is hot. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster though as the more you win the more you stake and then it all comes crashing down on you. Do you get a sense I've lost money playing this? I'm a useless gambler so I'll stick to tourism advice.

Feel free to ask me any more questions about Vegas by email.  


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