Laser Vs Ball Computer Mouse

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Mice are one of the worlds number one input device long with the keyboard. a Mice allows you to move the cursor on the screen and click object such as hyperlinks. There are 3 main types of mice; Laser, Optical and Wired each having there own advantages and disadvantages.

The Laser/Optical Mouse uses a infared laser diode in the center of the device facing towards the surface its sitting on. The lasers very in colour from red to green, some even changing colour while the device is in use. The advantages of a laser mouse is that they are a lot more responsive and dont require much cleaning, although if they are wireless connection can be a problem.

Ball mice are the more older type of mice, they work by having 2 spindles which move to the rotation of a ball rolling on the surface that the mouse is on. the spindles then give the computer an x and y movement to tell it where to move the cursor on the screen. Ball mice are not widley used anymore although they still have some advantages, for example there simple and easy to use. although there is a small problem when it comes to usign them around kids, as there is a ball in side. On the other hand this can easily be avoided but would mean super glueing the slot(you cant clean it).

Overall the Laser mouse is and always will be the most popular type of mouse on the market unless a new type of mouse is created. I think the main fault in the Ball Mouse is the way the ball picks up dirt as its been used, this in result means the user needs to clean it in order for the mouse to work like normal. However there are some disadvantages of the laer mouse aswell, wireless laser/optical mice require charging or batterys, this can be very unreliable and expenisve in the long run.

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