Latest Ebay frauda!!! WARNING,NEW WAY TO SCAM in 2008!

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for the beginners, it might be a very good business buying something from ebay,thinking that you are protected by paypal;but what does it means? does paypal really gets your money back if something goes wrong?

- paypal will give you money back,if you open a dispute with them within 45 days since you bought, if you win the dispute, and IF THE SELLER HAS MONEY IN HIS ACCOUNT! paypal will not pay you back from their money,they will pay you back from the seller's money,from the seller's account; empty account,no money back

-another scam from sellers,is to not send you anything  until you open a dispute with paypal,and after you escalate it to a claim,they will send you a brick,and give track number to the paypal;paypal will track the item to your house,then close the dispute because you receive it,no matter that inside is nothing,a brick,or a faulty item,the dispute is closed and you cannot reopen again;how you can protect against this? very hard,and i advice you you to send to paypal immediatelly a letter in which you are telling them what is wrong with the item received,but do not close the dispute unless you are satisfied with the item...

-how do you know if a particular seller will scam you,and after  will sell few things on ebay,cashes the money,and empties his account before you open the dispute? 

some useful tips

1. do not buy from new sellers,sellers withouth many ratings,because they can disappear if something goes wrong,and paypal will not pay you back,from the seller's empty account;if you buy,at least spend little money

2. be carefully with sellers"s feedback,read all negative feedbacks,do not buy from that person if he disappointed more than one buyer from 100 in the last year;better precautious than sorry,since protection from paypal,is not someting sure

3.when the item arrives,and you see that it is not as described,file a paypal dispute immediatelly; filing a dispute immediatelly,means,that paypal,in that moment will block the amount of the money spent on that item;if you contact your seller first he has time to empty his account,and you will not see money back; after that contact the seller,via email,and via phone,explain what happened,and that you want to sent it back; DO NOT CLOSE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES THE DISPUTE BEFORE YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK-if the seller ask you to close the dispute,because after that he will pay,do not do it! ONCE YOU CLOSE THE DISPUTE,NOODY CAN MAKE THE SELLER TO PAY YOU BACK! first he pays you,then you close the dispute-always.

4. do not open the dispute after 45 days-some seller will promise that they will sove the proble,they will send you a cheque,etc etc-JUST OPEN THE DIPUTE DO NOT WAIT THE CHECK,BECAUSE IT WILL NOT CAME,THE SELLER IT BUYING TIME,SO THAT THESE 45 DAYS WILL BE GONE,AFTER THAT HE WILL NOT REPLY YOU AT ALL;you are protected only 45 days;if you are returning the merchandise in a different continet,you will probably run out from these 45 days,and the seller will not pay you back,open the dispute before to be protected

5. buy especially from those sellers who have many items for selling,because they are cashing money all the time,so that paypal has the money in case of a dispute; avoid sellers with only one item to sell;

6. do not assume that a seller from outside of uk is a scammer and one from uk is not,most of scammers on are actually from uk,even they are genuine from uk many times

7. do not think that police will help you to recover the money! 

8. send back merchandise in big envelopes,very very well sealled,with a wide tape,and only as a recorded delivery.

i hope these informations will help some-especially the beginners;i noticed in the last months,a new fashion,many will sell immaginary things that never arrive to destination,paypal makes you the winner,but empty account! more frequently the items are arriving faulty,the seller will never admits this,and he of course,made sure that his account is empty; be carefully,ebay is not that safe;you only think that paypal will recover all the money; paypal protection, is only if is possible;this is the last fashion in scamming,to cash the money and empy account = no money back! better precautious than sorry; from my experience 15% from all transactions done with ebay UK with sellers seling used things are just scamms; 

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