Latex moulds, Cheap knock off's

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It has become almost impossibe to tell the difference between genuine original latex moulds and what i call flat bottomed garden centre knock off.

Most artists will let you copy there work for a small licence fee, there is a trend now to go to a garden centre or pound shop buy an ornament paint it with latex and sell it on the internet for five times the cost of the original.

Here is a few pointers to help you save money and support genuine traders and mould manafacturers.

Most latex manafacturers will have a product code on the latex mould to identify product for replacement purpose this is usually located on the inside of the mould on the edge of the fill side, This is the part of the mould you never fill.

What i call flat bottom knock off's don't have this part, A genuine mould manufacturers will know the importance of the mould having this, it's not just there for the product code it stops liquid run off keeping your workspace safe from slippery hazards and will give a level finish to your work.

The finish of the mould should have no thick brush lines, this tells you there is to much thickener in the latex and a sign of a bad mould this make's your finished item look full of holes ( air bubbles ) you think it your mix but it the way of a bad mould

When it comes to the support jackets the trend is to use cheap clear/amber colour roofing resin that will give you an endless supply of painful fibreglass splinters and to add insult to injury you're told to stand moulds in sand as they will not stand up by themselves.

Genuine mould manafacturers will only use tooling or lloyds approved resin in support jackets and will never supply a jacket that will not stand by itself.

Avoid words that are used just to push the price up :- Industrial is one of them. There is no such thing as industrial latex moulds. Commercial grade latex mould ?? No such thing 1000s of casts and so on, Latex moulds are art and crafft moulds only.

Some flat latex moulds that are not worth buying such as garden bench mould. overpriced for what they are, I have seen them sell over the internet at £300 when the same one made from abs £50 that will last 100 times longer and give a superior finish or a fibreglass one made from tooling resin that will last a life time for under £100 !!! Just dont make sense, I understand the complex shapes of the legs for the bench but the truth is if its a flat mould it's not worth having in latex.


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