Lay Z Spa

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I bought one of these inflatable hot tubs and have so much trouble with the pump that it is becoming a problem to decide whether or not to get another one even though the warranty of one year has not been reached yet, I have had 5 pumps replaced for various reasons. 3 were replaced due to leakage from the lower area of the pump for no apparent reason. 2 have resulted in heater problems which have been irresolvable through the trouble-shooting guide.
The concept of this "cheap hot tub" is brilliant and we have used it throughout the summer and moved it into our conservatory in the winter (at the risk of leakage) I might add.  it has made a diiference to our lives and despite what one reviewer has said about the air venting procedure, this has been religiously followed.

My theory for the heater unserviceability is the build up of limescale which I noticed on the last break down which had accumulated at the point where the filter plugs down into its base. Heater problems (I Have had two now) seem to occur a few days after a filter change and we have a known hard water area, (In Hampshire), so it could be that this is the case. 

it would be interesting to know the reliability stats for the pump. Despite this annoying feature and the paranoia that you might have done something against the very simple instructions, this product is really brilliant and I hope that the pump reliability can be resolved in due course of time.
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