LeapFrog Buying Guide

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LeapFrog Buying Guide

When it comes to educational toys for kids, there aren’t many companies that come close to LeapFrog. They have been around for 20 years and the product range has grown from humble beginnings to become the must-have educational toy for kids.

The following guide explains the different types of LeapFrog products available to buy on eBay, how to find the right one and the best way to purchase these products.

Origins of LeapFrog

  • LeapFrog was formed in 1995 when two entrepreneurs, Michael Wood and Robert Lally, realised there as a distinct lack of toys to help their sons read.
  • From there, a prototype was developed and the first Phonics Desk was launched. Backing then came from Knowledge Universe and the firm quickly grew from there.
  • The big breakthrough came in 1998 when they acquired Explore Technologies and with it came the knowhow that would eventually create the LeapPad in 1999 – their flagship product.
  • LeapPad have now evolved so much that they are very similar to tablet computers but are locked so that only LeapPad apps can be downloaded to the device.

LeapFrog Product Range

When looking to buy a LeapFrog product there is a wide range from which to choose. This section looks at each system individually and goes into a bit more detail about each, starting with the youngest age group and working upwards. The differentiation between each LeapFrog product is distinct and the target market changes relative to the user’s age group.

Learning Toys (0-3 years)

LeapFrog offers a revolutionary range of toys that can help even the youngest of children to learn.

Each different toy caters for a child’s learning in a very different way and at a younger age, it makes it easier to find a toy that specifically suits the child involved.

There are a large number of these toys and the bullet points below list the games available with the recommendation age next to it:

  • My Own LapPup (6-24 months)
  • Learn & Groove Music Learning Range (Products range from 6 months upwards)
  • Animal Adventure Learning Table (6 months+)
  • Musical Counting Pal (6 months+)
  • Abc Spinanimals (12 months+)
  • Magnetic Zoo (12 months to 3 years)
  • Scout & Friends Baby Walker (6 months to 3 years)
  • My Pal Scout/Violet (6 months to 3 years)
  • Lettersaurus (12 months to 3 years)
  • My Discovery House (6 months to 3 years)
  • Peek a Shoe Octopus (9 months to 3 years)
  • Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket (6 months to 2 years)
  • Count & Scan Shopper (18 months to 5 years)
  • Cook and Play Potsy (12 months to 3 years)
  • Chat & Count Phone (18 months to 3 years)
  • My First Book (6 months to 3 years)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Violet/Scout (up to 3 years)
  • Roll and Rhyme Melody Block (1-30 months)
  • Shapes with Ella/Animals with Appy/Letters with Lulu (6 months to 3 years)
  • Musical Movers (9 months to 3 years)
  • Counting Candles Birthday Cake (12 months to 3 years)
  • Alphabet Pal (12 months+)
  • Fix & Learn Speedy (18 months to 3 years)
  • Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo Ball (6 months to 24 months)

Tag and Tag Junior (2-8 years)

A system that allows children to learn to read books that is brought to life by a pen shaped device in conjunction with specially designed books.

The table below explains the features of the two systems and the age ranges they cater for:




Tag Junior

2-4 yrs

· Dubbed as a book pal that brings specially designed books to life.

· Gets children ready to read.

· Gives children a different preschool skill in every book.

· Titles available include Toy Story 3, Thomas & Friends, and Dora the Explorer.


4-8 yrs

· Brings books to life and lets children read at their own speed.

· Familiarises children with various reading skills including vocabulary, word building and phonics.

· Huge number of Disney titles are available.

LeapsterGS and Leapster Explorer (4-9 years)

Learning games systems that are landscape and look very similar to video game systems like the Nintendo DS and PSP.

Two different systems are offered by LeapFrog and the table below outlines each system.




Leapster Explorer

4-9 yrs

· Learning game system that helps kids develop their reading, mathematical skills, science and a lot more.

· Touchscreen that is operated using a stylus.

· Takes cartridges as well as downloadable apps.


4-9 yrs

· Touchscreen operated using a stylus.

· Motion-based play also available with a built-in camera controlling it.

· Comes with a large number of educational games and apps built in.

LeapPad 1 and 2 (3-9 years)

LeapFrog’s top-of-the-range and flagship brand that has made them what they are today.

First released in 1999 and is now very close to the tablet PC in style. They allow users to choose from a number of different downloadable apps and also take cartridges. Various incarnations have won Toy of the Year awards along the way.

The following table outlines the two types of device that are available with a brief description alongside:




LeapPad 1

3-9 yrs

Learning tablet that allows children to explore hundreds of eBooks, videos, educational apps and games.

Game cartridges can be bought to use with them as well as apps.

Was voted Toy of the Year in 2012.

LeapPad 2

3-9 yrs

Upgraded version of the original tablet.

Has all the features that come as standard on the LeapPad
Additional features included a larger memory, front and back cameras, and a library of over 300 games, apps, music, videos and more.

LeapFrog Compatibility

When buying one of LeapFrog’s vast range of devices it’s imperative to make sure that anything extra you buy for it will be compatible with the device.

Each LeapFrog device has a completely diverse way of presenting material to children. A cartridge that fits one of LeapFrog’s devices won’t necessarily fit others and it is important to check any cartridges or content for compatibility before buying.

How to Buy LeapFrog Products on eBay

There are thousands of products under the LeapFrog banner available to buy on eBay with new and used items available from some of the most knowledgeable sellers around. Both new and used items are listed and pricing from eBay is the most competitive that can be found anywhere.

To search for LeapFrog devices on eBay first go to the Toys & Games category. Then find the Educational Toys section and click on the LeapFrog & Leapster option below it. The next page gives the buyer a number of different ways to narrow down the search. It includes searching by Specific Character, Condition, TV/Film Character, Age Level and a number of other parameters. Alternatively, if you know the exact item that you require there’s a search box present at the top of every eBay page. It gives the buyer an easier method of finding a specific item and eliminates having to sift through all the items if they already know what they want. When looking through LeapFrog products be sure to continually review what is on the item page. It will reveal everything that is needed to inform whether the item being sold meets the customer’s buying brief. If at any time you’re unsure about item details, don’t hesitate to Ask the Seller a question to find out more. There is even a Buying Tips section that will provide even more help if required. Once prepared to Buy, make a Bid, go to the Buy it Now button or place your Best Offer. Using PayPal will make sure the transaction is secure and goes through as smoothly as possible.

Safety Considerations When Buying

When making any purchase on eBay it’s of utmost importance to check over the seller’s transaction history. Looking over this in detail will give you an idea of what other customers have said about the seller in the past. If there’s bad feedback make a note of what is said and question the seller. Every eBay Seller tends to have feedback on their profile and if none has been left, it’s another reason to go over the item with a fine toothcomb before placing a bid. Lastly, re-read the conditions of sale a few times and if there’s anything you’re at all unsure about, Ask the Seller.


LeapFrog’s range of educational computers for children is extremely helpful and makes learning both a rewarding and fun activity for kids that use the devices. Before placing a bid or buying one from eBay, there are a couple of pertinent questions that should be asked. These are:

  • Which device would be most suitable for the child involved?
  • Are the apps available likely to appeal to the child?

The answers to these questions will inform your decision on which LeapFrog product to buy for your child to give them the best start in the world of educational games.

Once you know the one that best suits the child, eBay is a safe and secure method to finding an item online. To complete the transaction use PayPal to process the payment safely and securely.

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