Learning a language on a budget!

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Everyone wants to woo the world with their linguistic skills, roam around Europe conversing with the locals, or simply be able to order a drink without sounding like Del Boy! Learning a new language does not come easily to all of us, and can often be costly, this guide will give you a few tips on how to get moving!

1. Pick a language that you know you'll use! - It's all very well wanting to learn Chamicuro or Duni, but if you can't find useful materials, and have nobody to use the language with then learning will be a struggle.

2. Find materials that work for you - Test out some online or sample copies of books before you buy, many publishers have a sample section available. When you've selected a book, look it up on ebay to see if you can save some money!

3. Use online learning tools - There are many websites out there that offer free language learning. Check out Duolingo or Babbel to work on vocabulary and sentence building. There's also websites that aim at a more community language learning approach, sites such as livemocha offer learners the chance to complete lessons and have their work reviewed by native speakers for free. 

4. Book a trial lesson via Skype - Language lessons over Skype are a great way to learn from natives at a reduced price and at a time and place convenient for you. Many teachers will have their own websites, but for a general lesson search and free trial try italki or verbalplanet

5. Live the language! - A great way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the language and culture. Listen to foreign radio, watch films, read news articles online. Whatever you want to do, give it a go!

Hope this helps!
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