Learning to use my iPad: The Real Christmas Miracle

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It came as a surprise to many when I announced I was getting an iPad for Christmas, not least my parents!

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a slight issue when it comes to technology. This issue being that generally speaking I can’t use it!

However the boredom of train journeys, the back-ache from lugging my laptop around London, as well as looks given by smug commuters with their iPad tucked under their arm while the rest of us awkwardly resort to pen and paper; our laps a poor work-desk slowly made me realise that an Ipad could be the way forward.

But aren’t people with iPads usually city-types looking to fill the void having a small p***s has left them with?

I thought so too.

But with its WordPress and Audio editing apps, as well as the ability to get the Internet anywhere (with the 3G versions anyway), some basic research into the Ipad, and a very enthusiastic course-mate, fellow iPadder and one of Apple’s newest members of staff (!) I realised how much the iPad could actually help me out.

As a Journalism student I am constantly on the move. If I’m not desperately searching for a story (emphasis on ‘desperately’!) then I’m commuting to my part-time job or travelling home for my once-a-week physio session. Part of the frustration felt by a lot of London commuters (aside from the many fallabilities of TFL) is the mental list of all the things they could and should be doing.

The feeling of both guilt and panic this instills is really quite astounding, and the idea that this small cross-breed between a phone and a laptop could alleviate this feeling was too much, even for a technophobe like me!

Having negotiated a 50/50 contribution with the parents (Thanks Mum and Dad!) with my iPad, my Blackberry (a replacement for the one that got pinched back in October-Thanks Mum!) and my laptop I literally felt like the bees knees and was ready to get going.

I was pleased to see that it came fully charged…mainly because my first hurdle was how to charge the thing!

Most technology comes with a huge manual telling you the ins-and-outs of your gadget. I love these manuals. I am a bit of a book-worm-anything with a front cover and pages is my friend and makes me feel safe!

Apple, however, has decided to do away with this silly notion of manuals. Instead, they provide their customers with a small piece of card-A picture with labels for each of the external buttons on your iPad, and a website to go to just in case you need more instructions!

I can see why people with iPads always look so smug - they’ve just figured out how to switch it on!

To be fair, the Apple website does contain a lot of handy information with video’s and guides to help you set up your iPad. It also contains lots of adverts for loads of other gadgetry you can buy to go with your iPad!

Now, the shopper in me goes ‘Oooh’, ‘Aaah’. Whilst the practical human being in me thinks that buying all that other rubbish would completely defeat the point of purchasing something that is easy to carry around.

Although while we’re on the subject, iPad covers are the one iPad accessory I have got a little excited about. I am a clumsy oaf, and the main issue my parents had about buying me an iPad was the fact that I would break it before Boxing Day. Marc by Marc Jacobs have released some beautiful iPad cases and covers including this turquoise one; ensuring that my iPad remains safe from my butterfingers.

There have been some setbacks. I facebooked my course-mate in a panic when I was trying to set up my iStore account. I kept making up email addresses for myself only to be told they didn’t meet the conditions required. After umpteen addresses I finally realised it just wanted MY email address.

Similarly, the first time I used the WordPress App to write a blog, I had to go straight on my laptop to edit it and change all the formatting which I’d managed to mess up.

I am still slightly intimidated by the App Store. Unless you go on there knowing what the type of thing you’re looking for is, you can be lost for hours!

But there have also been successes, including using the iPod on it whilst getting ready for New Years Eve. Getting the iPad has also given me the confidence I need to buy my first proper camera.

On the whole, like many things in life, you learn by doing. Quite often I’ll find myself getting my iPad out to do silly things like look a film up, or check train times, when it would be both easier and quicker to just use my computer, but I’m determined to get the hang of it.

I’ve got an iPad and I’m not afraid to use it!

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