Led Zeppelin Ticket Scam

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Having checked the Led Zeppelin tickets for sale on ebay over the past few weeks, I can confirm that;

There are around 30 tickets being auctioned over and over again.

Sellers are claiming the spare ticket is due to illness/ childbirth/ work commitments/ suddenly being sent to work in Greece/ unafforability and (this is the best by far) vertigo!

I am a genuine fan and like all other genuine Led Zeppelin fans, if I had a pair of tickets and one of my family or friends could not make the concert, there would be at least a dozen other friends desperate to see the show.  If not, then (again, like all genuine fans) I would let another fan have the ticket at face value.  How many of you Led Zeppelin fans only know one other Led Zeppelin fan?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a tout as someone who 'sells a ticket for a popular event at a price higher than the official one'

These people are not fans, they are touts and not very convincing touts at that

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