Legal weights and towing with an ATV or buggy

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Be extremely careful when purchasing an ATV or buggy that you wish to use on the public roads. Some of the dealerships who provide these vehicles either don't read the operator's manual or don't really care.To start with I purchased a two up atv fully road legal I thought.When I finally opened the operator's manual.with my wife and myself on the quad we actually exceeded the legal carrying capacity .It was also purchased to tow my camping trailer which he couldn't because it was over the legal towing capacity of the vehicle.Does it really matter? Yes because if you have an accident you are not insured and the police and courts will put you through a meat grinder.Whatever you do never believe what is written on the tin.Another example for you.We are presently considering buying a road legal buggy for 2 people and tow a small trailer.the dealers were convinced it ticked all the boxes.I downloaded the operator's manual from the manufacturer's website.They have put so many restrictions on what the vehicle can do.The total load capacity is 250 kg  2 people and a handbag! I was advised towing capacity was 500 kg.In reality it is 125 kg ,we all love our toys just make sure you are safe and legal you are a long time dead!
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