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Buying for Children

When buying Lego for children, age is very important. For ages 1 1/2  to 5 years old Duplo is recommended. Duplo has much larger blocks than regular Lego and is designed for little hands. All Lego sets have an age rating on them so refer to them to ensure you are buying a suitable set. If the listing doesn't state the recommended age then you can look it up on the Lego website.
There are many different themes of Lego, so if the child you are buying has a particular interest then the chances are there is Lego set to match it, including SpongeBob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Batman, The Avengers, Lego Movie and Lego Friends (which is aimed at girls). Lego sets are referred to by a name and a number.
If the set you are buying does not include the instructions then you can find them on the Lego website.

Buying for Adults and Collectors

When buying Lego for adults and particularly for collectors it is important to make sure that the set you are buying is complete. Children may not miss a brick or two but a collector will want every piece. It is also more important that the instructions and box are included, although it depends on the collector whether they collect the boxes too.
Again, there is a massive range of sets available and you should consider whether the person you are buying for would prefer a building, a vehicle, a set with lots of mini figures or a set with a certain theme.

The main thing to remember is that if a listing doesn't include information that you would like then contact the seller. A good seller will have good communication and be happy to answer questions.

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