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Lighting IP Ratings

Gone are the days of plain simple lighting in your bathroom, wet room or any other room for that matter. We supply lights for them all.

The below guide will give you a break down of all IP ratings which are given to lighting to make sure whilst you put your own stamp on the property, you're still 100% Safe  and Sound.
If any of our items don't state the IP rating on the listing, give us a call on 01942 369826 and our team would be more than happy to advise and provide the information. 
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List of all IP Ratings

IP00 ,IP10 ,IP20 ,IP30 ,IP40 ,IP50 ,IP60
- Not Protected from Liquids
IP01 ,IP11 ,IP21 ,IP31 ,IP41 ,IP51 ,IP61
- Protected from Condensation
IP02, IP12 ,IP22 ,IP32 ,IP42 ,IP52 ,IP62
- Protected from water spray less than 15  degree From vertical
IP03, IP13, IP23, IP33, IP43, IP53, IP63
- Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical
IP04, IP14, IP24, IP34, IP44, IP54, IP64
- Protected from water spray from any direction
IP05, IP15 ,IP25 ,IP35 ,IP45 ,IP55 ,IP65
- Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction
IP06, IP16, IP26, IP36, IP46, IP56, IP66
- Protected from high pressure jets from any direction
IP07, IP17, IP27, IP37, IP47, IP57, IP67
- Protected from Immersion between 15 cm and 100 cm in depth
IP08, IP18, IP28, IP38, IP48, IP58, IP68
- Protected from long term Immersion up to a specified pressure.
IP69K - Protected from steam-jet Cleaning.

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Last but not least to add light to a bathroom without changing your light fitting you can brighten up any room with mirrors and mirrored cabinets we offer a large range of both with and without lighting options.

Enjoy having your bathroom in the spotlight!
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