Lets help stop the fake items circulating ebay!

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Fakes, Knock off's, Frauds.. yes alot of us have become very aware of these items circulating ebay and it is a shame.

Fake designer items etc are tailored to match the current style trends and people often fall into the trap of actually purchasing these items. I am writing this guide to help prevent some of you readers from purchasing these counterfeit items as they are poor quality, they can put small designer brands out of buisness and they are generally no good.

Some key points on how to spot a fake:

- Somewhere on the listing the make/brand of the item is misspelt (protecting there rights as they are not advertising it as the brand they say because it is misspelt) this is key to look out for when bidding/buying an item.

- The pictures shown of the little details of the product (Tags, logo's, stitching, labels etc.) seem to be a different background or totally different item to the other pictures.

- The seller has listed it as a 'replica' a 'style' of a brand or a 'look' for example Gucci 'Look' bag or Gucci 'Style' bag.

- The product looks of bad quality, not the correct colour, etc. A little tip for this is get up a picture of the product itself on a verified website, someone who is selling the genuine product so that you can compare pictures.

- Check some other ebay guides as many people are out there to help you spot fakes of certain brands, so simply type the designer/brand name in the Reviews & Guides search box and there is more than likely a guide for you to read.

- Check the sellers reputation as some people may have left negative feedback about previous items.

- Sellers sometimes have another ebay account to increase the bid so that the people who are bidding for this item will increase there price beware of this.

- If the seller has a few of the same item this is also a key point... afterall it is rare that someone will sell alot of genuine goods at low prices.

After all I am sure you would rather have a good quality item that last a long time and you can enjoy to the full. Yes I am sure it is tempting to buy these things cheap but beleive me from experience, if it is a handbag for instance, it doesn't last long, they fall apart, they look cheap and they're just generally no good.

I hope that this guide is helpful and there are lots of other helpful guides on here to help you along the way, Happy bidding!

These are only a few points to look out for however there is some genuine sellers out there and it would be unfair to judge straight away. I created this guide to help people out but not to point fingers :-).

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