Lg G3 Smartphone

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I upgraded to the LG G3 from the Samsung Galaxy S3. The G3 has a larger screen - one of the largest on the market when I got the G3 in July 2014.

The G3 feels nice to hold, it feels well made and sturdy. I chose it in Black but it is available in other colours, I was tempted with the gold! The screen is 5.5 inches, great for viewing content.

The camera is 13 megapixels, and offers great pictures in bright light. Taking photo's at the park etc BUT and it is a big but is that is fails to deliver in dark light and even indoors. The laser autofocus is great, taking just milliseconds.

My real concern with the phone...actual use as a phone! For taking photo's, surfing the net etc etc the G3 delivers but actually making calls is another matter. My husband and I upgraded to the G3 within weeks of each other, we have the same phone just different colours and both have the same issue. Loss of signal, now as we upgraded we know that the provider has excellent reception in our area (my previous phone and hubby's both had full bars at home). We live only a few miles outside of a large city, but with the G3 more often than not neither of us has signal.

A phone that you can't actual use as a phone?!? I can't say it would be the same in all areas but for me, this is a major minus.


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