Life made easy with the Dyson DC24- Spare Parts and More...

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I love cleaning and I have also realised vacuuming is rather therapeutic!
So when I first received my hard earned money a few years ago I invested in a Dyson DC24 and I tell you it was the best thing ever!
At first it looked all fancy and had various parts and if I may add a complicated instruction guide so I will not lie I was worried. I put the vacuum together and could not wait to start!!
It came with a combination tool which is great for cleaning between the sofas, the curtains and dust on the ceiling. I even use it on the stairs because it so easy and efficient.
My next favourite thing about this vacuum is the Brush Bar  this just sweeps up all the hair on the floor and by the end of the month it gets full, you can clean it up very quickly.  My daughters and I always have hair on the wooden floor and this just does the job amazingly.
Finally I will talk about the vacuum itself- the great thing about it is the fact it is bagless, my life has been made easy and I am saving money too!
On a day I am busy my aim is to get the sitting room vacuumed in literally 5-7 minutes and this vacuum has allowed me to achieve this. it is quick fast and cleans very well. I can quickly get rid of the dust and start in the corridor.
Overall, I am very happy with this and can't wait to continue using for many many more years to come!
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