Life time technical support for your ThinkPad

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Your ThinkPad in Expert Hands

From now on, I offer lift time technical support for every ThinkPad sold. The support covers both ThinkPad software and hardware as long as you, as the original buyer, use your ThinkPad purchased from me, with no limit of times, regardless of original Lenovo warranty status. The software support covers drivers, operating system, rescue and recovery (R&R) system.  The hardware support covers all serviceable parts. Examples of need of support include:
  1. You reinstall OS, but don't know how to get and install missing drivers.
  2. You forget BIOS passwords.
  3. You want to upgrade memory, hard drive and even CPU of your ThinkPad.
  4. You get a fan error and your ThinkPad won't start.
  5. Your ThinkPad shuts down itself when running hot.
  6. You ThinkPad casing is damaged.
  7. The R&R system crashed or you want the system to be built into a new hard drive.
You only pay for sending the laptop back to you (if the problem can't be solved remotely) and the exact cost of sourcing replacement part if required. I don't charge for the support! 

There is, however, no promise to solve any problem you may have, but I will do my best to help. Your ThinkPad is in expert hands.

Contact me for more information or if you have any other questions.
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