Light Entertainment: A Guide to Buying LED and Strobe Lighting

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Light Entertainment: A Guide to Buying LED and Strobe Lighting

Although there are various forms of light entertainment, the two that stand out the most are LED and strobe lighting for being some of the most popular forms of lighting for parties and other get-togethers. Lighting used for entertainment purposes is a great way to set the mood and create an attractive atmosphere. LED and strobe lighting can be found at retail department stores, home improvement stores and on eBay.

When choosing light entertainment for gatherings, it is often helpful to know something about each type of lighting and how it differs from using a standard light bulb. Both LED and strobe lighting are great types of lighting to set a mood, and they can also work well in conjunction with each other. Each type of lighting also has individual benefits that can be helpful to know in order to tailor them to the event correctly. Knowing what to look for when buying lighting for entertainment purposes and how to choose the right lighting type for an occasion is much simpler when all of these pieces of the puzzle have been put together.

LED and Strobe Light Overview

Both LED and strobe lighting are great choices for entertainment purposes, and there are even lights that incorporate both LED and strobe technology. Many people like to use them separately and in tandem with one another. There are many great choices in both types of entertainment lighting, and it is very helpful to know what both types of lighting consist of, how they differ from using traditional incandescent, or fluorescent light bulbs.

What is LED Lighting?

The abbreviation LED is short for light-emitting diode. It is a type of lighting that consists of bulbs, lamps, or other types of lighting sources that differ from the traditional light bulb in various ways. The fluorescent or incandescent light bulb has been the standard illumination source in most homes for decades. Although LED lighting seems like a relatively new way to light things up, it has actually been around since the 1920s. Created in Russia, this form of lighting did not become popular in other countries until around the 1960s.

How LED Lighting Differs from Traditional Light Bulbs

There are many differences between using LED forms of lighting over using what is considered to be a standard method of illumination with a light bulb. The table below presents the advantages that LED lighting has over the use of standard light bulbs.

Lighting Source

Notable Characteristics


Long lifespan, typically 50,000 hours; extremely energy efficient, 300 percent more efficient than fluorescent bulb and 1,000 percent more efficient than incandescent ones; free of toxins; more expensive to buy; increased use in commercial and domestic settings


Typical lifespan is 1,000 hours; less energy efficient than other types of bulbs and produces heat; less inexpensive than LED lighting, typically used in homes


Lifespan is about 25,000 hours but gets dimmer at half-life; contains mercury and produces UV light; cheaper to make so less expensive to buy; typically used in commercial buildings

Though both incandescent and fluorescent are cheaper, they do have fewer advantages in terms of lifespan and energy efficiency. Because of advantages that LED lighting offers, it is becoming exceedingly more popular in various settings.

What is Strobe Lighting?

Also known as a "strobe", this type of lighting is popular in many commercial and entertainment settings. First making a debut in 1931, the use of the strobe light was much different. It was originally used to study objects in motion, whereas now, it is used to amplify objects in motion. It is a great type of lighting to use for theme parties, especially spooky ones like Halloween because of the intermittent light discharge. For this same reason, it is also used at parties where dancing is involved.

Strobe lights can be set to flash on and off in conjunction with a musical beat, which makes them consistently popular with settings that include dancing. Strobe lights can emit flashes of light that are just a few milliseconds apart, or they can remain lit continuously as well for an extremely bright illumination factor. The source of light comes from a flashtube that has a complicated spectrum allowing for increased variance in flashing effects. Colour gels can also be added to produce a variety of flashing colours as well.

What to Look For in LED and Strobe Lighting

When buying LED or strobe lights for entertainment purposes, it is helpful to know what features work best in these types of lighting. Understanding the benefits of various features involved with each type of lighting is beneficial for different occasions and settings, and it not only adds confidence to the choice but also great satisfaction as well.

Features of LED and Strobe Lights

There are many different features that are offered in both LED and strobe light varieties. Some types are more expensive than others, but if the desired effects are achieved, they are probably worth the extra money. Since LED and strobe lights are used for various purposes during entertainment gatherings, becoming familiar with the various features of each is beneficial before choosing the right one for the occasion.

LED and strobe lights come in various quality ranges. If a person wants to use these lights very infrequently, it may not matter how high the quality of the lights are and can save a lot of extra money versus buying expensive set. But no matter what the quality factor of the lighting is, it is always a good idea to see if a warranty is included. Warranties that are longer and also cover more features are helpful to have in case a defective set is purchased. This is also very helpful when buying an elaborate set that has features, such as a strobe light with DMX sound and other built-in automatic programmes. Many light sets also include adapters so that additional lights can be added. Investing in a set that includes the means to add additional sets also eliminates not only tripping hazards but also the need to find additional power sources to connect them to.

Choosing Lighting for Occasions

Choosing the right type of lighting for an occasion is important in order to make an entertainment gathering a success. Not only should certain feature of both LED and strobe lighting be considered, but the time of the year and the location where the lighting is to be used is just as important as well.


Some things to consider when it comes to what time of year these lights are used is the temperature of the setting. For example, if LED or strobe lights are being used outdoors in the summer heat or anywhere that is particularly warm, the light output is decreased. Because these type of lights need to shed excess heat, being surrounded by any excessive warmth makes them less efficient. When used indoors, these types of lighting can also increase the room temperature. There is a solution to this problem. Realising the effects of heat on this light form, manufacturers have compensated for this effect by producing LED lights that are higher powered; however, this also makes them more expensive.

Pest Factors

Besides the effect that excessive heat can place on the efficacy of cheaper LED entertainment lights and strobe lights as well, another setback to using this type of lighting outdoors is that they also attract annoying pests, such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths. This can make entertainment gatherings uncomfortable for guests and the host, especially if there is food being served at the occasion. One way to compensate for this effect is to either use these types of lighting units indoors during times of the year when these pests pose a problem.

In addition, other items can be used such as tiki torches equipped with citronella or by using citronella candles. Care must be taken when using these types of countermeasures as they can pose to be a fire hazard if people are not careful. Although it might not be a popular idea for some guests, insect repellent might be a welcoming solution to others.

How to Buy LED and Strobe Lighting on eBay

There is more than one way to find LED and strobe lights on eBay. One of the simplest ways to find what you are looking for is to use the search query box at the top of the eBay homepage. For example, if you want to find LED lights, type those keywords into the search box on the homepage or at the top of any page on eBay. After entering the desired keywords, click on the search button and any results that are tagged with those keywords are going to be returned in the search results to you.

In addition, you can also use the advance search feature option to narrow down the amount of results that are returned and make them more relevant for the items that you desire. If you are not happy with the search results, simply try adding or changing keywords until you receive the desired results.


LED and strobe lights can make a welcome entertainment addition to any gathering. With the variety of entertainment lighting choices available to the consumer, it is helpful to have knowledge about the subject before investing in such a purchase, especially if a large investment is being made. Knowing what LED and strobe lights are as well as what features are offered for each variety can narrow down the search for the right sets considerably.

Sometimes, it is easy for people to choose entertainment lighting solely based on their looks, but in reality, a lot of other things should be taken into consideration before this type of lighting is purchased for a gathering. When lifespan, temperature, and other environmental factors are considered, receiving the most from the entertainment lighting purchase is greatly enhanced also. Knowing how to choose the right LED and strobe lighting is sure to make any event a successful one.

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