Light Safety Guide

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Here at Festive Lights Ltd we take pride in the safety of our lights and carry out numerous prolonged tests to ensure product safety.  Although each product has its own unique safety instructions, please ensure you adhere to the following general safety points:
Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Pay particular attention to the 'intended use' for the lights you are about to use.
Never use light sets sold and designed for indoor use outside.
Never insert or remove bulbs when the power is switched on at the mains.
For indoor or outdoor 'Low Voltage' lights, always keep the transformer indoors in a safe, dry location. If this is not possible, the transformer must be adequately protected outside within our weatherproof box or similar to IP55 standards. Everything from the transformer onwards, such as the controller and cabling, is fine to be left outdoors. 
We would strongly recommend a safety cut out device or 'circuit breaker' to be used on all Christmas lights displayed outdoors.
Consider carefully the positioning of lights all lights, remembering that some Christmas lights generate a considerable amount of heat. Always keep lights clear of flammable materials. Remember even on 'Low Voltage' sets, the bulbs can become hot and the transformers generate heat.
Carefully position and install lead cables to avoid a 'tripping' hazard.
Do not leave the lights switched on unattended. Always switch them off when you go to bed and also when you are away from the house.
Do not attempt to use or repair any Christmas lights that have become damaged. Dispose of them safely and legally.
Do not attempt to modify the wiring in any way on any product, this could invalidate your warranty and cause a danger. 
Take care when hanging and installing lights above the ground, make sure you use a stable method of support and get help when necessary.
Do not allow children to play with Christmas lights.
Do not use lights that are old or not fit for purpose, Replace sets of old lights; especially those that are not in perfect working condition.

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