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I don't understand why people are buying the shakes, soups and bars for the Lighter Life programme on Ebay when the weekly amount of packs are available at the weekly sessions for just £66, with the fruit drink additive £9, and the savoury drinks just £6 per box.  I myself joined a group just 2 weeks ago, and provided that you have your GP's approval and subject to whether you are on medication or not - this diet works - I've lost a stone in 10 days.. but if I'd purchased the items on Ebay it would have cost me nearly 3 times as much in money, and I would have had no idea how many packs I could have per day, and whether my health was suffering.

Go to the Lighter Life website - Google it and it's easy to find.  I know we all want to lose the weight - and this plan says you should lose at least 3 stone in 3 months - BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE GUIDED CORRECTLY.  Please, your health is important, as is your wallet... it's cheaper and more effective to go to a group near you.

No, I'm not a counsellor or employed by Lighter Life, I just don't like seeing people ripped off by people selling the Lighter Life products without the stress on the importance of correct counselling, this diet is a 14 week plan for stage 1, followed by another 12 weeks as you gradually introduce food back into your diet (I can't wait for that!!).

I certainly couldn't do this diet without a counsellor and my group - I want to know that the money I'm spending (£66 per week) is being spent well.

Thanks, hope this helps.

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