Lighterlife - from someone who has done it

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Hi everyone

I have been morbidly obese for 13 years since a family bereavement & NO DIETS ever worked for me.  Lighterlife has changed all that because it made me look at WHY I overate & having done the programme twice (I had a baby in between) the counselling sessions are just as vital as the foodpacks themselves. The weekly support from your group & class leader is fundamental. The programme retrains your thought processes & looks at your emotions & yes, it is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for all you psychologists out there!!

Without LL I couldn't be where I am today. I still have some weight to lose but I am so much better physically & emotionally.

Yes, the programme is expensive but then how much money have we all spent on foods that have helped us along the way to becoming fat?  Just do the programme at a local class for 100 days. 100 DAYS WITHOUT PROPER FOOD I HEAR YOU CRY??!!! Well, what is 100 days out of your life when you have probably spent many years yo-yo dieting. If you do this programme & stick to abstainance for 100 days, think of all the wonderful goals you could achieve, whether it's wearing a bikini, wearing high heels again, fitting in a plane seat without asking for the extender belt....?   (Okay, so now you know some of my goals.....!!!)

Don't be fooled by some of the prices some folk are asking for LL packs on ebay. Remember the cost of a class each week & the support from a counsellor & group.  Good luck to all taking their first steps & starting their NEW Lighter-Life!!


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