Like Samples? Then try Freebies!

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Ever seen something you like the look of, but dont want to pay out in case you dont like? Why not request a sample?

You may have seen alot of samples on here, in perfume/toiletries as in 1.2ml tubes. Dont pay for them!

Instead of buying them off ebay, or paying for them, why not contact the company, and nicely ask if they have any samples for you to try before you buy.

I have done this on a few items, and it has helped as a few I didnt like.

All you need to do is politely ask.

Find the product you are interested in e.g. dog food... Have a look on the website for a link to contact them, either address or an email. Some sites have an online form to fill out.

Then, being polite, ask if the have any samples, or even vouchers.

An Example-

"Hello. I am interested in your new brand of dog food, and was wondering if you have any samples that I may try on my pet dog. As my dog is 12 years old, he can be picky on what he eats, so I would like to see if he likes it first before I purchase.

My address is..............................., and email is........................

I hope you can help, and look forward to hearing back

Kindest regards"

You have to bear in mind, that not all companies will send you anything, or even reply, some may send you a money off voucher instead, some may even send you both!

There are loads you can request - pet food, food itself, perfumes, paper, baby teats, art samples, you name it!

There are freebie forums out there, which look up companies giving out samples and post of the forum for everyone to benefit, myself & my partner run one called Sir Stanley Bowles Freebie & Football forum! There are loads more to try, and all will help you!

You dont know if you dont ask!


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