Limited account access with paypal

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About four months ago,I bought goods from an ebay seller totalling £80.50. No goods arrived, but a wonderful assortment of excuses were forthcoming, and they weren't worth that much cash. Playing for time, I realise now. He only had about five feedback, and for a few weeks, i gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Upshot was, I escalated the claim with Paypal. I'de used a credit card for the transaction, and before Paypal gave their rather long awaited verdict, I contacted my card company, and they refunded me the full amount. A message from Paypal pronounced the dispute resolved. Terrific, finished, lovely......

Some 6 weeks later, after many further purchases using Paypal, I buy an item from a seller, only to attempt payment by Paypal, to see the awful "Limited Account Access" message. I can't close the account or send money. They did not notify me of this problem. They want me to give them £80.50. Why expect me to pay, I wonder....I never got the goods, the seller was "struck off" ebay whilst our dispute was in progress. Why don't they go after him ???

Well, I reckon the real reason is, I'm in easy target. He'll be hard work to collect from. Why can't they go the small claims route to retrieve their cash like the rest of us mere mortals?

I have done nothing wrong and yet I am the one they penalize.

Something wrong with this picture I suspect.....


Paypal now inform me I was paid twice...once by my credit card company, and once by them. Their payment is not clear at fact had they not told me I had been reimbursed twice, I would not have known as their visual accounting method is not for people like me who prefer to avoid these things.  The fact remains they did not inform me of the problem, and for nearly seven weeks i have had no trouble spending merrily away. Having electronically transferred funds (double what they want) I have now to wait 7-9 days for them to clear. Meanwhile a seller who doesn't know me from Adam, wonders if I ever had any intention of paying for the item won from him....bla blah etc. etc.

And I'm STILL waiting for Paypal to phone me two days after they said they would.

Get your act together Paypal and be a bit more "user friendly.


PS..........and NOW they have cleared the funds from my bank, I STILL can't use them. So I phone paypal, and am asked if  my credit card paid me twice. I said no, not at all, and was then told that they'de made a mistake, it would all be cleared up in 48 hours. If they know what's going on, then they're not enlightening me. Their communicative skills are atrocious, or at the very least, residing in a virtual world not reachable by me, the customer.

So be warned. When all's going smoothly, they're okay, they can cope. Hit a problem, and forget it. Don't expect any help from them. Right now, they've got £160.00 of my money, that I can't get at......good deal there for Paypal. Not much use to me....

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