Links of London Packaging

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I thought some buyers on eBay may find it helpful to know that Links of London UK are in the process of changing all their packaging.

From April 2013, packaging will be gradually changing as follows:

  1. Charms boxes are changing from squares to very small ovals.
  2. Small Necklace boxes are changing from square boxes to medium ovals with black foam necklace inserts.
  3. Bracelet boxes are changing from long thin hinged boxes to medium ovals with foam inserts.
  4. Friendship bracelet boxes will remain as they are now (medium ovals) but with foam inserts.
  5. Large necklace boxes and Watch Boxes will change over time to larger Oval Boxes with foam inserts.
  6. Cufflink boxes will no longer be small rectangular boxes but medium Oval boxes with foam inserts.
  7. Ring boxes are changing from small Square boxes to small Oval boxes.

The boxes will have "Links London" on top in black and will genuinely appear the same in style (ie cream texture card with black trim).  All boxes will be tied with the same sized traditional black/cream ribbon but all the ribbon will be a standard size width of about 20mm.  It is not clear at the moment whether the black fabric LOL pouches will still be issued or not.  I'll update when I find this out.

Standard charm / bracelet etc. Links carrier bags will be smaller than the standard Links bags used to date (which have been to date approximately 20cm x 22cm).  They will however be similar in appearance.

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