List of Great Britain Stamps 2000-2007 Commemoratives

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Complete List of 2000-2007 Commemorative Stamp Issues

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2000-2007 Commemorative Stamp Sets

New Millennium, 6 January
Millennium Projects (1st Series). 'Above and Beyond', 18 January
Millennium Projects (2nd Series). 'Fire and Light', 1 February
Millennium Projects (3rd Series). 'Water and Coast', 7 March
Millennium Projects (4th Series). 'Life and Earth', 4 April
Millennium Projects (5th Series). 'Art and Craft', 2 May
'Stamp Show 2000' International Stamp Exhibition, London. 'Her Majesty's Stamps', 23 May
Millennium Projects (6th Series). 'People and Places', 6 June
Millennium Projects (7th Series). 'Stone and Soil', 4 July
Millennium Projects (8th Series). 'Tree and Leaf', 1 August
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday, 4 August
Millennium Projects (9th Series). 'Mind and Matter', 5 September
Millennium Projects (10th Series). 'Body and Bone', 3 October
Millennium Projects (11th Series). 'Spirit and Faith', 7 November
Millennium Projects (12th Series). 'Sound and Vision', 5 December

The Millennium, 16 January
Centenary of the Death of Queen Victoria, 29 January
Silver hallmarks, 6 February
Cats and Dogs, 13 February
Northern Ireland Definitives, 6 March
Weather, 12 March
Centenary of the Royal Navy Submarine Service, 10 April
England Definitives, 23 April
Double-decker Buses, 15 May
Fabulous Hats, 19 June
Smiles, 3 July
Pond Life, 10 July
Puppets, Punch and Judy, 4 September
Centenary of the Nobel Prizes, 2 October
Centenary of the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Flags 22 October
Christmas, Robins 6 November

Classic locomotives, 13 January
Occasions 2004, 3 February
Lord of the Rings, 26 February
Northern Ireland, 16 March
Entente Cordiale, 6 April
Ocean Liners, 13 April
Royal Horticultural Society, 25 May
Wales, 5 June
Royal Society of Arts, 10 August
Woodland Animals, 16 September
Crimea, 12 October
Christmas 2004, 2 November

Farm Animals, 11 January
South West England, 8 February
Jane Eyre, 24 February
Magic!, 15 March
Castles Definitives, 22 March
World Heritage Sites, 21 April
Trooping the Colour, 7 June
Motorcycles, 19 July
A Celebration of Food, 23 August
Classic ITV, 15 September
Trafalgar, 18 October
Christmas 2005, 1 November

Animal Tales, 10 January
England, 7 February
Brunel, 23 February
Opening of the Welsh Assembly Building, 1 March
Ice Age Animals, 21 March
Definitives and country stamps for new postage rates, 28 March
Her Majesty The Queen's 80th Birthday, 18 April
World Cup Winners, 6 June
Modern Architecture, 20 June
National Portrait Gallery, 18 July
Three Kings, 31 August
Victoria Cross, 21 September
Sounds Of Britain, 3 October
Christmas 2006, 7 November
Lest We Forget, 9 November

Subject to change

The Beatles, 9 January
Sea Life, 1 February
The Sky At Night, 13 February
World of Invention, 1 March
Abolition of the Slave Trade, 22 March
Endangered Species - Birds, 10 April
Celebrating England, 23 April
Beside the Seaside, 15 May
40th Anniversary of the Machin, 5 June
Grand Prix, 3 July
Scouts, 26 July
British Army Uniforms, 20 September
Queen's 60th Wedding Anniversary, 16 October
Christmas, 6 November
Lest We Forget, 8 November

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