Lite-On CD-RW

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Today I got my first order for these magnificent and trendy 52 speed cd-rom drives.
I couldn’t wait to receive this as it was my first hardware delivery of the week, apart from my new floppy disks. I ordered about 150 of these drive and what can I say they are much better than any other brand I have tried. Lite-On are a new group to me but they offer really good hardware for really cheap and not so nasty prices.

The Cd-Rom Drives that I ordered were normal 52x Cd-Rom drives with a new technology called Pure-Cav, I don’t know what this is but I guess that it is a new type of hardware added to the Cd-Rom drives.
It has an IDE interface; this is used to connect the Cd-Rom drive to the motherboard.
It has a power saving function.
It supports PLUG AND PLAY, and also has an emergency Eject Button on it.
You can read all types of formatted Cd's like the following:

1) Normal Cd's
2) Cd-R (These are the readable disks only)
3) Cd-Rw (You could open a document on this, alter it and then you would have the chance to save it, this type of Cd can be re-writable; but not on this type of drive.
It has an easy tray design like the Playstation two, which is easier if you have your computer horizontally or vertically.

Moving onto the product specifications, it has a 2Mb (Megabyte) Buffer Size. A transfer rate of up to 5700Kb per second. The access time of this drive is measured at only 80 Milliseconds, which is pretty fast for a drive like this. It can support 8cm and 12cm disks; you can measure this by drawing around the disk and then doing the circumference.

If you were to have this drive you would need the following requirements:
1) Windows 95 / 98 / NT / ME / XP / 2000 / VISTA
2) Pentium 166 MHz or faster CPU (Central Processing Unit)
3) 64 Mb ram required (Please note that the drive will not work with EDO memory inserted.
4) A minimum of 100 Mb free space.

My OLD personal experience of the Cd-Rom drives is that the customer support is brilliant; I had to download the drivers for the drive off the Lite-On website. You might need to do this if you haven’t got a cd-rom drive installed already.
I would highly recommend people who want a basic cd-rom drive to go for this one. It may be the cheapest but it is really reliable.

My NEW personal experience of the Cd-Rom drives are that the customer support is still just as good as it was but about 3 weeks after using them. THEY BROKE DOWN. Not recommended now as this company cost me Hundreds of pounds in refunds. As above it may be the Cheapest but MOST CERTAINLY the Crappiest make to ever come out.

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