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Artist Profile – Amy Mann

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Amy Mann was born and raised in Nottingham, United Kingdom. In 2010, she moved to Scarborough, enrolling onto a BA theatre and Performance course. Three years later, she has now graduated and, using the skills learnt from her degree to her photography work. Amy has been taking photos for over seven months now and focuses on wildlife and landscape images.

Since moving to Scarborough, she has been captivated by the landscapes that surround the Yorkshire Coast, alongside the wildlife inhabits this beautiful rural area. Amy began taking photos from a love of image and beauty, as well as the joy that beauty brings to the lives of others when looking at her images.

With the quality of work Amy is producing at this early stage, it is clear her talent will be realized over the coming year .When did you first discover your artistic talent?

I first discovered my artistic talent whilst having to keep documentation of a Theater performance I was part of. But also from here especially in my final year of university I learnt that a visual aspect to a performance brings an audience into the perspective instead of having a blank stage. From here my artistic flare has since flourished and I have taught myself how to use two cameras to capture my pictures. Living along the Yorkshire Coast also is an advantage especially with the variety of wildlife that surrounds me on a daily basis. Using the wildlife I also enjoy taking pictures of the marine animals I work with daily at Sealife! These beautiful creatures love to pose for the camera and love to show off once I am capturing their every move on film.

In my work I have two favourite pieces the first one which I love is of Eric, the Asian Short Clawed Otter looking directly at the camera giving his teeth a brush with a stone and then juggling. And my second favourite is of a rescued seal Harbour seal called Chief who has since been released back out into the wild. The picture is a momentum piece especially now he is back out in the wild and no longer at the centre. It shows his cheeky character to a tee!

My inspiration and favourite artist is Tyler Shields. His photographs are daring and eye-catching and each all tell a story that is clear and full of colour. I love his experimental side of his projects especially with the use of different body shapes and taboo subjects which are in today’s society. Another inspiration is from the animals and landscapes that surround me in Scarborough. It isn’t every day you get to go to work and have breakfast with 12 Humboldt penguins, go for a drink with the Asian Short Clawed Otters Eric and Pumpkin and then have a good old natter to Bruno the Harbour seal! By taking their photographs I hope it educates and shows people the beauty which is out there in our seas and other countries but also to make sure we keep our environment clean and healthy for all our wildlife which is unseen.

I respect other art styles quiet a lot and I would love to try couture fashion as an art style especially with how many couture clothing falls and tells a story. I would also love to try a style out which involves lots of mess! I would love to create a series of photographs in which uses lights, paints and a group of people. For this shoot I have had the inspiration from the Holi Festival that is celebrated all over the world. The collection of people and the mass of Colour looks intricate and beautiful.

Where you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years’ time I see myself in two places either as a head of drama and theatre department in a secondary school or pursuing my camera has a photographer and conservationist capturing wildlife all over the world especially animals who are very endangered and rare to find with the many problems they face.

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