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Artist Profile – Tom Stevenson

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I’m Tom Stevenson, 19 years old from Nottingham. I am a Music student at Confetti/De Montford University, I like to use Art, Video and photography to emphasis my audio work in more of an installation presentation. A-Like Frida Kahlo, my creative works alter depending on what is happening in my life and the inspiration I find from my surroundings. My artistic history is in surreal oil paintings, which I developed through my School and Collage years, I turned to Photography and Photoshop more recently as it gave me a greater scope of tools.
The bulk of my work is very dark or self-deprecating, so kept personal, however I enjoy displaying work that is quite open or shows an exciting section of my life.
Other hobbies I have include Stand up comedy, Comedy Song writing and Video Blogging, which fill the holes that I can’t express with photography or painting.

I first found my talent for art at the age of 10! after winning a school ‘Christmas card’ competition, I was given a painting set, and it all began, but the discovery for my photography came from me learning about cameras, through my love of film.

My favorite piece of my artwork is a piece that takes pride on my stairwell, It’s an Oil Painting I did, based on my ‘typical London scene’ photography piece.

The inspiration for my work is day-to-day life, things I see and feel, as arty and silly as it sounds! I find if I’m having a rough time I tend to do aggressive paintings, but If I’m content with life, landscape photography pops up. I think this way, my art can never be foreseen! My favorite Artist is Mark Demsteder, as his work is for underrated for its originality, my answer may be down to my meeting him 3 years ago. from a photography perspective I think Edward Muybridge and Jenny Savilles photographs are fantastic.

I’ve done all styles from painting to photography, film to installation pieces, life drawing to clay sculptures, Art isn’t about obtaining perfection in a field, it’s about expressing yourself in the best way you can.

In 10 years time, I see myself as a professional stand up comedian, though still pursuing art, in the same way that Rolf Harris and Dylan Morran do.

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