Loading Bosch ESi Software on a PC to use with a KTS

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1. Insert ESI[tronic] DVD 1,
select drive though the my
computer icon on your
desktop and select the DSA
2. Double click on RB setup.exe
3. Wait for the DSA Software 4 Wh PC b t th
to install. Select OK when
you see a request to
reboot your PC
4. When your reboots the
DSA screen above should
automatically appear. Minimise
or close this screen, then
remove ESI[tronic] DVD 1
5. Insert ESI[tronic] 2.0 DVD,
select drive though the
computer icon on your desktop
and double click setup file on
ESI[tronic] 2 0 DVD
6. Choose a language from the
drop down menu7. Click the next button
(if reinstalling an installation,
tick the adopt settings box)
8. Choose your country and click
the next button
9. Read and accept the agreement
then click the next button
10. If you have an installation I-key
enter it in the box, otherwise
choose install without I-key
11. Tick all the info-types except for
Truck and select from the following
optional items according to your
* DVD1 will install the Bosch parts
catalogue (see separate Bosch
parts catalogue installation
* Adobe Acrobat Reader
needs to be installed if not already
on the computer
* Bosch screen saver, if required

If you have selected to install the Bosch parts catalogue during the ESI 2.0
Installation you will be prompted to insert the latest ESI[tronic] DVD to install
1. After inserting the ESI[tronic]
DVD into the DVD drive the
screen above will appear.
Choose a language from the
2. Choose user defined and
click continue
drop down menu and click
3. Leave the directories as
they are and click continue
4. Only tick data download and
click next (leave top ESI[tronic]
option ticked)
5. Drag across to the right
hand panel:
Vehicle equipment
ZF assembly instructions
ZF Parts catalogue
6. Click continue to the
confirmation screen
Then click continue

7. Installation bar shows
progress of the installation
8. Reboot the computer
when asked to do so

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