Long-Range Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

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Long-Range Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

Walkie talkies have a wide range of uses, from children’s toys to business communication equipment. Long-range walkie talkies are also referred to as 'two-way radios' and they can be used in a variety of situations. They can be used, for example, by hunters and hikers in order to communicate effectively with each other, but also by businesses who want to cut costs by eliminating company cell phone plans where possible.

Different types of long-range walkie talkies come with different features, some of the most popular models featuring multiple channels as well as several other useful functions. When shopping for long-range walkie talkies, buyers should pay attention to the technical specifications of various models and choose the one that best suits their needs. By being well-informed about the way long-range walkie talkies work, buyers can make sure they choose the right model for their needs and budget.

The History of Walkie Talkies

A walkie talkie is a portable communication device that is made up of a number of radio transmitters and receivers. This type of transceiver is mainly used in VHF and UHF in order to reduce the length of the antenna. The history of the device goes back to the Second World War, when walkie talkies were developed for the use of armed forces. The first company that manufactured walkie talkies was Motorola and the devices became popular in the 1970s, this time for regular consumers who were looking for a wireless device for two-way communications. The advent of mobile phones brought with it a decline in the use of walkie talkies, but they are still used for situations where phone signal is not available or where private communications are necessary.

Advantages of Long-Range Walkie Talkies

The basic mode of operation for long-range walkie talkies is very simple. One only needs to set two or more walkie talkies on the same channel and with a simple push of a button they can communicate with all devices. By releasing the button, one can receive the response from all other devices.

When choosing long-range walkie talkies as a personal or business way of communication, the main advantage is that communications are free and unlimited. In addition to that, communications are immediate, which is an advantage for the situations in which responsiveness is paramount, such as on construction sites or on the mountain. There is no number that needs to be dialled, which makes communication instantaneous. Walkie talkies are not dependent on the antennas of mobile phones operators and therefore they allow users to communicate without interruptions provided they remain within the transmission area of ​​other units. Quality long-range walkie talkies are durable and have a long autonomy, thus being ideal for intensive use.

What Can Influence a Walkie Talkie’s Range?

The distance covered by a certain walkie talkie model is generally highlighted on the product box and most manufacturers provide users with a range of other characteristics that are essential for making the most out of the product. The range mentioned by the manufacturers is generally based on transmissions performed in optimal conditions (preferably in height situations, with no obstructions between users).

The actual conditions in which long-range walkie talkies are used are not optimal in most cases. Therefore, users should expect a lower range than that announced by the manufacturer in the product description. Numerous factors can affect the performance of a long range walkie-talkie and some of the most common of them include weather (storm, rain, clouds), topography (deep canyons, hills), electromagnetic interference (lighting), large metal surfaces inside of a vehicle, and obstructions such as forests. Another thing that can block the radio waves is the human body itself, as it is dense and primarily composed of water. The incoming signal reception can be boosted by setting the device on a backpack or belt rather than very close to the body.

What to Consider When Shopping for Long-Range Walkie Talkies

Some of the most important characteristics to take into account when shopping for long-range walkie talkies include size, weight, functions, batteries, and headphones. Comparing the features of different models is a good way to make sure one buys the right device for their specific needs. It should be noted that buyers who intend to use their walkie talkies in relatively small areas such as ski resorts, for example, may only need devices with lower power and consequently, a smaller range.

Choosing the Size and Functions of a Long-Range Walkie Talkie

When it comes to size and weight, buyers should purchase a device that can be easily used and that fits well, especially if they intend to use it in a backpack. For hikers or skiers, portable walkie talkies that are ergonomically shaped are a good option because they can be handled easily with gloves on.

The scan function available on most models allows users to navigate through the channels in order to find the one that the group uses. This function can also be used for locating a free channel for the group to use quickly. Some long-range walkie talkies have a keypad lock feature, which allows users to lock the settings in order to prevent accidental changes to the channels.

Extra Features of a Long-Range Walkie Talkie

The voice control feature may also prove to be useful in certain circumstances because it allows the users to communicate in hands-free mode by allowing them to make automatic calls by speaking directly to the device. This function is useful for skiers and ATV riders, among other categories of users.

Most long-range walkie talkies operate on rechargeable NiMH batteries. As a rule of thumb, the higher the transmission power is, the faster the battery will discharge. Buyers should opt for models featuring a battery saver mode, which activates automatically after a certain period of inactivity. Most long-range walkie talkies come with a charger, but users can also opt for additional accessories that allow them to recharge their devices quicker or more efficiently.

Long-Range Walkie Talkies Accessories

Buyers can opt for a range of accessories that can make using the walkie talkie easier. There are several options to choose from, with the most popular of them including portable chargers, rechargeable battery packs, and charging stations that allow users to recharge several devices at once. Speaker microphones and headset attachments are useful accessories for those who want to use the devices in hands-free mode. These are generally designed to be worn near the user’s shoulder and are a popular choice for security personnel. Other walkie talkie accessories include chargers that allow users to plug them into mobile power sources such as the lighter outlet of a vehicle.

How to Find a Long-Range Walkie Talkie on eBay

With the large number of long-range walkie talkie devices available these days, finding the right one for your needs may prove to be a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are several things to take into account when shopping for such a device and perhaps the most important of them is to make a careful research of as many models as possible before settling for a particular one. It is essential to check out the technical specifications as well as designs of several models in order to make sure you buy a walkie-talkie that suits your needs best.

eBay is a good place to start browsing for the ideal long-range walkie talkie. Whether you are a skier or hiker or you are looking for a new communication solution for your business, the website has numerous models available from a variety of sellers. Most of the products listed on eBay feature extensive descriptions that can help you make the right decision. Make sure you read all the information carefully and, if you have doubts about any particular aspect, you can always request more details from the seller.

When shopping for long-range walkie talkies on eBay, you should also pay attention to the location of the seller. By choosing to buy from sellers located in your area, you can save money when it comes to delivery charges, as well as in the event of having to return an item.


Long-range walkie talkies are useful communication devices for a variety of situations and choosing a model that is suitable for a certain kind of activity is essential for efficiency. Walkie talkies are perfect for outdoor activities and they allow users to communicate freely without paying any usage fees. In addition to offering the possibility of endless communication, these devices work on distances of up to 10 kilometres, which is very handy for various outdoor activities.

Buyers can choose from a wide range of walkie talkies and, for this reason, they sometimes need to browse through a large number of models. eBay is a good place to shop for long-range walkie talkies online, not only because it boasts a large selection, but also because it makes it very easy to find what one is looking for. Regardless of the reason one is looking for long-range walkie talkies, chances are they can find the one they need on eBay.

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