Looking After Your Cars A/C System

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Your cars a/c system requires regular servicing to maintain performance and to prevent damage. Every two years your system requires recharging. This ensures the refrigerant is maintained at its correct level to ensure the correct performance. The refrigerant in your car is leaking away at 10 - 15% per year. As it leaks away air can be drawn into the system. This air contains moisture which will rapidly corrode the aluminium pipe-work which 90% of the system is made from. A recharge involves a number of processes which should take approx. 45 - 60 minutes. Failure to carry out any of these processes can lead to poor performance and even damage to the system. Regular use will also lead to a healthy system. Turning on your a/c for approx 10 minutes once a week will keep the seals within system lubricated helping to prevent refrigerant loss. Seals which are allowed to dry out will allow refrigerant to leak more rapidly. In winter use the a/c system to clear the moisture from your windows, the system works as a de-humidifier. This information is bought to you by Autoclimate Care see our eBay shop Vehicle Air Conditioning Supplies.
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