Looking Closer at Feedback

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Feedback is a wonderful thing, it allows buyers and sellers to report back on how fantastic the transaction went between them. Alternatively it can be used to express how horribly wrong the whole thing went. Either way feedback is a good thing, it allows every ebay user to get an idea of a certain ebayers performance so far.

However it is necessary to look a bit closer at feedback. We have already said that there is no need to buy from ebayers with only 100% feedback, as the % can be harsh, especially if a seller has sold 50,000 items and has recieved 1 negative from an ebayer who couldnt be bothered to wait for their item, the seller would have 99.9% feedback. This doesnt mean you shouldnt buy from them at all.

When looking at feeback scored you might also want to take a look at the 'number of feedback recieved'. You see, once a member leaves another member feedback, if they buy from them again and leave more, it will not count as another feedback mark, it is counted in the % but it does not increase the actual number. e.g. dbsgames have 320 positive feedback. But dbsgames have actually recieved 335 positive feedback, where repeat customers have returned to us.

Take a look at the users feedback page. Underneath feedback score and positive rating it shows how many different members left feedback and how many feedback in total have been left. The actual number of feedback a user as recieved can show how successfully they attract customers back to buy more. This can only give a potential buyer/seller more confidence as the user has a returning customer base.

We hope this information was useful.

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