Loop Holes and Flaws Using Paypal

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When you first start out with ebay and are then introduced to paypal, bright eyed and bushy tailed. The thought of being able to accept credit card payments for goods you sell on ebay sounds fine and dandy. But sadly I have spoken to others in the industry and Paypal is becoming very much an embarrassment and a liability to ebay rather than an asset.

The ebay service and technology with the exception of a few minor gripes, is the best you are going to get. But as like all aspects of life there are glitches. Ebay's current major glitch seems to be Paypal, the availability of staff appears to be non existent and to even locate an address of Paypal or a valid email to communicate in relation to genuine complaints, or a justifiable grievance is almost an impossibility. So I would urge caution on large purchasing transactions using Paypal and I will tell you why and substantiate it, as I am more than prepared to go to Court over another issue that Paypal has not resolved since November 2006.

Organized crime and fraudsters, have found a chink in the Paypal compensation scheme and you have no chance of getting your money back. The con is that you will purchase an item of value and seem to have a good communication line with the seller, but the day's are now going by. All of a sudden the seller is informing you that the goods are being packaged, it's a large item, a special carrier is required and all the time the day's are going by. After a considerable period, you may get your item, you may not. It might even be faulty or not as described. So what do you do? You want a refund huh! So you need to file a complaint with Paypal. But hell, dash, dam. The fraudster has dragged out the promise of goods so long that you are now out of the paypal period to file a complaint.

So please be diligent and be warned, this is happening. Another problem is that in July 2006 I went through a traumatic separation (been to hell and back). I didn't know, but after some goods were cancelled and refunds made as I was off from work, the Paypal Account was a mere £11.00 overdrawn. Now bear in mind I have conducted over 600 transactions and mostly payments through paypal, so they have more than had their pound of flesh. They never notified me, they never wrote, they say they did, but they didn't. In November I found that this measly £11.00 had now grown to over £50.00 in fees. So I tried to pay it by credit card, but couldn't get into our Business Account with Paypal, I might add, to settle the amount. I have still not got the matter resolved in over a year and I still can't access my account to pay paypal.

I have now written to Ebay as they seem to be more on the ball, but rightly so, staff are frustrated at ebay having to deal with ever increasing Paypal complaints. Failing this I have now decided if the matter is not resolved by the powers to be, to go to the European Union Commission and insist on an investigation into Paypal.

I have a great many items I wish to clear that would be appreciated by ebayer's and that has what I have done in the past. But I am frustrated that the monopoly for Debit and Credit Card transaction selling on ebay is with Paypal and NO alternative, which strikes me to be a monopoly. I think ebay need to address this problem, as I know for a fact that many businesses are reluctant to use ebay or sell on it now as a result of bad experiences with Paypal and me included.

So please be extremely cautious when dealing with Paypal. Check out their transaction fees also for by the time you have paid commission seller fees and postage, it might not be viable once Paypal take their chunk. Cheque and postal orders are a pain, but until ebay sort this mess out it is probably the safest and most cost effective way. With a cheque also as payment if you are buying and it is organized crime at least you then have evidence for the police to chase on your behalf.

I hope this Guide and alert helps.

Safe Ebaying!!!
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