Lost In Post Scam

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"Oh No, It Must Be Lost In The Post"

I have during my time on e bay, not received the goods purchased. Mainly coins but also other items, its the lost in post scam. You buy an item at auction with no reserve, no one else bids or you gain it for a low price. You wait and nothing turns up. Vendor says "Oh must have been lost in the post" and promptly gives you a refund with no problem. All above board you think !! Wrong when the same item then re-appears under a buy it now tag at more than three times what you paid for it. I have been caught like that quite recently and it is not right or fair. If you have grounds to think this has happened to you, report it to E Bay. But do remember that NOT ALL VENDORS ARE LIKE THIS MOST ARE GENUINE and offer you proof of postage or a similar item to replace the lost one before offering you a refund. Also contrary to rumor the UK Post Office do not loose a great deal of items within its system, that is a documented fact, some may be damaged but not lost!! in the quantity this scam claims on a whole.
    What I would suggest that when buying coins in particular you ask the vendor prior to bidding if they supply proof of postage or send the item recorded delivery. It never hurts to ask a question and if the vendor is genuine, will offer you proof of postage, or recorded delivery at a small extra cost, if not then do not buy or bid on the item. If enough buyers insist on this it will help protect all buyers and genuine vendors alike and try and stamp out one of the many scams on E Bay.
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