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If like me you get the feeling that the UK lottery has forgotten you , cheer up!

There's a new way to join a syndicate that virtually guarantees your chances will improve by around 700%!! And it lets you play the Lottery for FREE! with up to 88 entries !

What's The Catch?!
Natural reaction... Play the lotto (and not just any lotto),  for free?... I don't suspect you just fell off the turnip wagon!

I mean, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that 88 real UK National Lotto entries a week is no less than £88 (over $150!)... if we just threw this kind of money out the window to any passing Joe or Jane that happened to be walking by, well, I think the authorities would lock us up as incurable foaming-white-around-the-mouth lunatics, or worse, as snake-oil scammers!

Not the case...

Virtual World Direct LTD is an honest and 100% legal business that has been growing strongly online for nearly 2 and 1/2 years with an immaculate record, raving testimonials (see many below), and we have no intention of digging our own grave.

In fact, we market strictly through happy-client word of mouth referrals, if this were a scam, we'd already be a dead, belly-up business. We fully understand that the most successful business model is a win-win business model.

NOW, to answer your burning question... "How do you play the UK National Lotto 88 times per week for free?"...

It's so easy, that in the following answer, please don't strain your eyes looking for hidden, between-the-lines attached strings... you aren't missing them... there are none...

We Walk The Razor's Edge Of Business Lunacy,
To Give You Such A Certified Crazy Offer...
You Can't Sanely Refuse
The short answer to playing for FREE:

Sign-up to become a VWD lotto member player, which will get you your own 88 weekly e-Lottery Syndicate© Multi-Win System UK National Lotto entries at a 702% winning advantage with a HUGE per line entry lotto savings... (I'll explain the whole system below), then simply:

Refer 5 people willing to pay a small £5 a week each to also become VWD lotto member players, with the same e-Lottery Syndicate© Multi-Win System advantages... and thanks to our Rewards Programme...

This is easy to achieve, perhaps easier than you think!

Even my grandmother (well, especially my grandmother... she is a lotto fiend) can find 5 people amongst friends and family, who would each launch a starved-tiger pounce on such a juicy offer...

Simply put, thousands of individuals are already playing for free, because this offer is very easy to promote... you can too!

See For Yourself How VWD Comes Into Action,
And Turns The Already Exciting UK National
Lotto Into A Potential Heart Attack!
Virtual World Direct has developed a unique method of legally and professionally running national lottery syndicates online called the e-Lottery Syndicate© Multi-Win System, that gives you a dramatic mathematical advantage to win more compared to playing on your own...

UK Lotto

702% greater chance of jackpot win
1 in 13 chance of any prize (normally 1 in 54)

When you win, you win more money.

You win more than you would have done playing solo in the same lottery games, having matched the same lottery numbers in the draw. It's a proven fact because you play with guaranteed matching numbers.

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