Louis Vuitton bags

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It always amazes me to see people paying good money for copies of Louis Vuitton bags (amongst others).  It doesn't matter if it says 100% authentic, card, tags, serial number etc. - its still a copy and should be sold as one. Go on holiday to Turkey etc., and you can get these copies for a couple of quid - there's nothing wrong with buying replica's. However, you get what you pay for, as long as buyers realise they're getting copies or replicas okay but don't pay £100 for one.

Louis Vuitton bags start at £300 approx., the purses at £200 pounds - why would someone sell them for £20 quid on ebay.  Every genuine LV comes with a receipt, even if it's a gift, there is a gift receipt. There are genuine re-sellers of LV 'my pouchette' being one - if I had received an unwanted (!) but genuine LV, I would get top money from a reseller - not put on ebay.  Current hot items are the weekend bags - retail for £500 - £600, but someone has a '100% genuine/authentic' Weekender pictured on an old duvet with a starting bid of £10.00 - and people are paying £150 for an obvious copy.

*  LV monogram and daimer bags are canvas coated with plastic - with leather straps - not made of leather as some items state.

* All bags come with gift receipts - ask for it.

* LV don't use plastic wrap or tissue paper on their bags

* Go to the LV website and look at the bags - you'll see the obvious difference.

* Genuine LV are immaculate, the patterns match up, the stitching is perfect, they are symetrical in every aspect, no lumps or creases - thats why they cost money.

* Someone with a genuine LV can spot a copy a mile off..

* Please don't get ripped off - buy a copy and enjoy it for what it is but don't pay good money for it thinking its something its not - even if it does say 100% genuine/authentice/serial number etc,  remember its more than likely to be a copy if your paying less than £150.00. 

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