Luke it is your destiny! P2.

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Destiny Heroes / Aster - 1               Jaden/ elemental heroes - nil!


..."Destiny Hero - Dasher" adds some power to the  team. He's a 6* monster with 2100 ATK- that's the same as a "Cyber Dragon". He's also got several potent powers himself . First  you Tribute a monster to give him an extra 1000 ATK for one turn, and with "Dark City" he can boost up to as high as 4100 attack points!

Not finished yet Dasher can work in the graveyard.The special " if you draw a monster you can special summon it" is a one shot weapon but what a weapon - Neo's, another Dasher come on down!

So what will happen in there next Duel well with Power of the Duellist Cards I suppose it is up to you and me to decide.

Sleeper Cards
Powerful cards you might not be using that you should look at!
Cosmic Horror Gangi'el (from Power of the Duelist)

This creepy creature is a metallic octopi of a monster from deep spaceand  is the Alien monsters' ultimate weapon! "Cosmic Horror Gangi'el" is a Level 7 monster with 2600 ATK, and its Special Ability lets you put an A-Counter on one of your opponent's monsters each turn. Remember, when one of your Aliens battles a monster, that monster loses 300 attack points for each A-Counter on it!

Usually, you need to Tribute two monsters to Summon a Level 7 monster like Gangi'el. But Gangi'el can be Summoned with only one Tribute, as long as that monster is owned by your opponent! "Brainwashing Beam" and "Alien Mother" (both from Power of the Duelist) and "Brain Control" (from Structure Deck - Invincible Fortress) let you take control of your opponent's monster. Abduct your opponent's best monster, tribute it for your Cosmic Horror, then overrun them with Aliens while they're defenseless!

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