Lyle & Scott fakes

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I reckon about 85% of all Lyle & Scott polo shirts sold on eBay are cheap fakes being churned out of factories and sold on, and they all get away with it!


I'm a keen Lyle & Scott enthusiast and believe nothing ever beats the real thing so got a few tips to help point out the fakes. I have been stung in the past and sold cheap fakes by our fellow eBayers who probably don't even know themselves that what they are selling is counterfeit.

All of the vintage range polo shirts are bound to have the same fit, tight around the arms and chest, and hugging the waist line, these fakes are completely different in shape and fit. People who sell the fakes claim that the "2008 range" they are selling is different, but this is because they are fakes.

Second, the buttons on the real polo's should be usually of a dark colour, almost looks like a two tone of purple and green, and have lyle & scott embossed on them twice. The fakes either have clear white plastic buttons or a cheap copy of the original buttons that don't shimmer like the originals.

Third, the eagle should have a lot of detail on a real polo, as in the feathers should be detailed, eye of the eagle not conjoined to the mouth etc. The eagle should be about between the second and third button and half way between your shoulder and the button placket.

The label should read "Lyle & Scott" with the word "Vintage" just underneath on the same label, and on a seperate smaller square label is the size, "L" for example.

Hope this helps when you think about buying a brilliant polo, just a shame that so many people are buying these fakes without even knowing they are counterfeit.

Hope i've helped!


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