M.T.G New players basics

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Hi my name is Barry, I have been playing magic the gathering since 1994 and have seen many changes over the years here's my advice for

New players:  when you first start playing  stick to one colour this makes understanding  the mana symbols of each colour easier .
remember to stick with basic cards that have only one special ability these cards
make it easier to remember those abilities  and how to implement them in future games  always use card sleeves  these keep the cards clean and non damaged for future play. Try to use counters at first for life points as these take less concentration to use  than dice which can get knocked. The mana generation is really simple one land produces one mana unless augmented by other cards. The land is as follows and the colour produced forest (green), mountains (red), swamps (black), Island (blue), plains (white). There is also colourless mana which can be paid with any land. This is represented by a number  in a pale circle . There many formats of cards available , some having multiple mana symbols representing the cards affiliation to those colours. As a rule the more mana symbols in a cards makeup the more powerful the card . There is also cards which only use colourless mana, these are artifacts as a rule 
but this is not always the case, there are some lands and creatures which are colourless by design. There are other cards which can be played these are known as planes walkers  they are extremely powerful and can affect a game immensely they have unique abilities which generally if played correctly will win you the game. There you are a general insight into the game good fourtune  and may you have many great games . Barry
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