MAC Cosmetics addicted

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A MAC Cosmetics addict comes in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Normal girls use MAC Cosmetics along with successful makeup artists. Some women choose to use nothing else!


MAC Cosmetics Products

Lip products

  *Lip Gloss

Lipglass is a sticky, color-rich, long-lasting gloss with moisturizers. MAC Cosmetics offers a fabulous color selection.

Lustreglass is a slightly less-sticky sister of lipglass. The sheer, moisturizing color is applied with a brush.

Chromewear is the cross between lipstick and lip gloss. It has a slightly metallic finish and similar to butter for your lips. Not sticky like lipglasses and not as thick as regular lipstick, it's a crowd-pleaser.

  *Lipstick Finishes

Amplified: Creamy with a barely-there shine, if you're looking for non-drying knock 'em dead color, check out the amplifieds.

Frost: Like the Amplified finish, this one has superior color payoff. As the name suggests, though, they're slightly frostier.

Glaze: For the lipstick shy, this one has just a bit of color with a smidge more shine.

Lustre: Fairly sheer with a lot of shine, this is another option for color-phobes.

Matte: Exactly as the name suggests--no real shine, high color, and could be slightly drying so apply chapstick first.

Satin: If Matte and Glaze had a baby, Satin would be its name. High in color, low in dryness and almost matte.

Sheer: Almost like a lipgloss in the color payoff. High shine, low color. Great for spring and summer natural looks.


Lipliners are available in crème and pencil formulas with a vast array of colors. Spice and Whirl pencils are popular and go well with almost any lipcolor. If you're looking for a liner to match your red, red lips, Red Enriched Creamstick liner is great for keeping bleeding at bay.


Eye products

Shadesticks/Paints: These can be worn on their own or used as primers for other powder shadows. If layered with shadow, the end result is a more vibrant look. Bare Canvas, Untitled and Stillife Paints all make great neutral bases for any shadow. Beige-ing offers the same result in a Shadestick.

Shadows: MAC Cosmetics is most known for their selection of eye shadow. There's any color a girl could dream of in finishes from Veluxe Pearl to Lustre. Veluxe Pearl's a smooth, high-color finish. Lustres are a bit grainier, often glittery. In between the two extremes are Mattes, Satins, Velvets and Frosts.

Liners: Kohls are known for their smudgeability while Power Points are held high for their ability to apply smoothly, last forever and never tug on the eyelid. Fluidlines are becoming popular for the way they cling to the waterline. They don't budge, and their fluid-gel consistency make them a dream to apply.


Face products

MAC Cosmetics uses the color wheel to determine shades for foundation and concealer. A girl with cool tones to her skin will use yellow-toned NC shades to balance out the pink undertones. Warm-toned girls will use NW shades with a bit of pink in them to balance out their yellow undertones.

          * Primer is good for those with oily skin, redness and uneven skin tone. It helps makeup go on more smoothly and look airbrushed when you're done. If your skin doesn't like silicones, though, beware.

          * Foundations are available from barely-there tinted moisturizers to full coverage. Select SPF 15 and Select Tint SPF 15 are good for those looking for light coverage. For medium coverage, check out the new Studio Fix Liquid. Dry-skinned girls will like Select SPF 15 Moistureblend. Women who want heavier coverage should go to their local counter and try Full Coverage, Studio Stick SPF 15, Studio Tech or Studio Fix.

          * Concealers come in liquid, stick, and pot forms. They not only come in skin tone formulas, but also offer color correctors such as green and peach.

          * Blush in powder or cream formulas are available. Want a dewy look? Try Blushcremes. Sweet William--pink--and Blossoming--coral--would look flattering on most faces. If you're more of a traditional powder girl, try MAC Cosmetics' Powder Blush. They come in sheer, satin, matte and frost finishes.

          * Powder: From blot powder to bronzer, they've got your product.


Multi-purpose products

Quite possibly the most popular multi-purpose product MAC Cosmetics has to offer is its pigments. You can use them straight as eye shadow, mix them to make new ones, brush them lightly onto your cheeks as highlighter or even mix with clear lip gloss to create a new shade for your lips. Next would probably be their clear and matte-ifying glosses. Highlight brow bones or tone down shine. The highlighter adds a glossy sheen to skin while the matte-ifyer gel acts like a powder. Another way to highlight collarbones is to use the GlimmerShimmer lotion You'll get that sexy beach goddess glow we all fawn over in the summer.


Color Stories

MAC frequently releases special collections throughout the year called Color Stories. Color Stories all have a specific theme as well as a promotional image of a model, which is released on a postcard that you can pick up from your local MAC counter/store. Many products from these collections are limited in nature and sell out quickly.

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