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FURTHER UPDATE:  HE'S AT IT AGAIN! Don't get taken in by him. Unless you WANT a nice set of MACCALLAM's from a manufacturer nobody has ever hear of.  As opposed to McCallum, that is. (Who the HECK is STEPHAN MACCALLAM anyway?)

This is his second identical listing THAT I KNOW OF.  I'm still waiting to see what feedback, if any, appears from the last so-called sale.

Think you are buying a genuine set of McCallum's?  Think again.  Ask yourself WHY the listing is private.  The reason?  So nobody can contact you to warn you off.  As of now, 19 bids are in, and the bagpipes for sale are actually Pakistani RUBBISH.  If YOU are the winning bidder, DON'T PAY!!!  If eBay want to know why, it's because the seller, beverly-hills901, is a SCAMMER.  He KNOWS these are not genuine McCallums, and I suppose by mispelling the name in the listing, he thinks he has covered his arse.  For crying out loud, it's obvious from the listing that English is NOT his first language, so that should start alarm bells ringing.  How many non English speaking pipers do you imagine there are in Canada (apart from French obviously, but he doesn't come across as a French speaker either.)  The pipes are listed as being in London, but eBay reckons he's been a member in Canada since the 20th of June.  How many more clues do you need?  Oh aye, the pics are taken straight from a McCallum brochure as well.  So there might not even be any  pipes at all, Pakistani or otherwise, never mind genuine McCallums.

Look at his feedback!!!  Virtually all the positives are either him or his mates!!!!  And pretty poor feedback it is too!!

DON'T get taken in.  DON'T buy his bagpipes.  Unless of course, you WANT to pay over the odds for a crappy set of Paki pipes, or end up with nothing whatsoever.

If you DO get stung, don't say you weren't warned.

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